Paper Girls: Jason Mantzoukas and Adina Porter talk bad things

of “Paper Girls” Jason Mantzoukas and Adina Porter play Old Watch members Grandfather and Priores in Prime Video’s new young adult science fiction series. They are intent on getting the titular 12-year-old girl to stop time traveling.Were the actors mean and sick? Those poor four lost girls?

“Not at all,” Mantzoukas told POPSUGAR. “It’s fun to yell at these kids…we had a lot of fun.”

“I’m a teen mom,” says Porter. “No, I don’t feel sick.”

Mantzoukas’ grandfather doesn’t appear until the fourth episode of the series, and things quickly get rocked. At first, it’s shocking to see a comedian so evil on a sci-fi show. “I arrived very late in their filming schedule, so all the dynamics and all the relationships were calm,” he explains. “It was really fun to come in, and he was kind of bad, he yelled and threatened, but he was also charming. That’s the hallmark of my grandfather. He’s charming. But there’s also a real thread…of malice and threats to him.”

β€œIt was really fun to get a little bullish by throwing myself out into the world as much as I could in a pottery shop to see if I could throw everyone off balance,” Mantzoukas says. “To see what happens with all these pre-existing dynamics that were already there.” Porter was thrilled to work with Mantzoukas β€” she was already a fan. When I found out that he had been nominated, I was thrilled to play with him, play against him, play in his improvisational world, and reach that level,” she said. say.

Porter, a series veteran “True Blood” “100” When “American Horror Story,” Rather than approaching genre works in the same way as narratives in more realistic settings, she focuses on textual content.”[I] Give yourself permission to be as big as I want to be,” she explains. That’s why they keep me employed. That’s the formula. “

“Paper Girls” is streaming now on Prime Video.

Paper Girls: Jason Mantzoukas and Adina Porter talk bad things

Source link Paper Girls: Jason Mantzoukas and Adina Porter talk bad things

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