Parents in masking suits say they are fighting for the future

Tallahassee, Florida — The first major court battle over the governor’s mask mandate ban in public schools is slowly progressing.

The lawyer of Promask’s parents, who filed the proceedings, said Friday that the proceedings remained involved in the appeal process. This was after the state challenged a recent circuit court ruling.

Judge John C. Cooper Dominate in September The governor has surpassed his authority by requesting the district to opt out of his parents.

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Dr. Carly Simon says her district is trying to facilitate compliance with state rules.

Cooper ordered the state to immediately put the mask mandate ban on hold. Some rebellious school districts had a short grace period until their lawyers appealed a few days later.

“There may or may not be oral arguments before [appellate] “It depends on which party requests which,” said Charles Gallagher, a lawyer.

Gallagher, on behalf of his parents, said he was confident that the Court of Appeals would uphold Cooper’s decision and lift the ban.

“In the end, anyone can appeal, but there must be a fundamental legal error by the court of first instance to win the appeal,” he said. “And on the issues that the Trial Court ruled in our favor, we believe they are very safe and sound issues-the governor’s overkill.”

Damaris Allen, Hillsborough County Parents, Maskman Date Prohibition Proceedings

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Damaris Allen remains a plaintiff in a proceeding against the ban on Maskman dating.

For now, the mask mandate ban is in effect until the Court of Appeals decides. It’s a process that may still take weeks.

Meanwhile, Hillsboro’s parent, plaintiff Damaris Allen, told us that her fight was becoming more about the future than it is now.

“We don’t want to be in this position again, where we have to seek precautions for the safety of our children and seek what is guaranteed to us by the Constitution,” Allen said. .. “Our children should be able to have a safe school environment.”

Governor Ron DeSantis Executive order At the beginning of the school year, his position hasn’t changed since then. Parents said the district should not have the final say on masking.

Parents in masking suits say they are fighting for the future

Source link Parents in masking suits say they are fighting for the future

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