Parents seek approval of “Miya’s Law” at the State Capitol

Tallahassee, Florida — A murdered Orlando teenager attended the Capitol on Wednesday, urging lawmakers to pass a bill to better protect Florida’s two million renters.

Lawmakers named it Miya’s Law after 19-year-old Miya Marcano.

Authorities believe Earlier this year, an apartment maintenance worker invaded and killed the girl before committing suicide.

At a press conference on the bill, supporters announced support for the Republican Party House When Senate The version of the law.

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Senator Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, is one of the supporters of the law of the palace.

They were also given the promise of at least one committee hearing. Both are required to pass the Republican-controlled state legislature.

If approved, the bill would look like this:

  • Require landlords to check the background of all employees
  • Disqualify violent job seekers
  • Increase admission notifications to 24 hours
  • Better restrict staff access to apartment keys
Yma Scarcriel, mother of Mya Marcano

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Yma Scarbriel says one of her daughter’s gifts was to connect people.

Marcano’s parents said the passage of Miya’s law would protect their children’s heritage and the lives of others.

“We miss her very much,” said Marcano’s mother, Ima Skabriel. “Something good must be born from now on.”

The palace law has also gained the support of key statementThe Florida Apartments Association said the bill “will codify industry best practices.”

Miya’s law will face community issues, the first Senate hurdle, as lawmakers return to their 60-day session next month.

Parents seek approval of “Miya’s Law” at the State Capitol

Source link Parents seek approval of “Miya’s Law” at the State Capitol

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