Parkland School Shooting: Jury Selection Begins with Death Penalty | Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Nikolas Cruz’s jury selection at the death penalty killed 17 students and staff in a 2018 school shoot at Parkland. FloridaIt started on Monday, after years of delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

23-year-old Cruz Already pleaded guilty For a murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the jury decides whether to face life imprisonment or the death penalty. Going to trial is the most deadly US mass shooting ever.

Court officials said more than 1,500 candidates could be brought in for the first screening over the next few weeks before circuit judge Elizabeth Scheller, the prosecutor, and Cruz’s elected counsel. I am saying.

Cruz, a former Stoneman Douglas student, said that exacerbating factors such as the number of people he killed by the jury, his plans and his cruelty outweigh the mitigation factors such as his lifelong mental illness and his death. Parents will only be sentenced to death if they unanimously agree.

If the jury does not agree, Cruz will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Seven other US murderers who killed at least 17 people died during or shortly after the attack, either by suicide or by police. Twenty-three suspected massacres in El Paso, Texas in 2019 are still awaiting trial.

Death penalty trials in many of Florida and the United States often take two years to begin due to their complexity. Cruz’s trial was further delayed by a legal dispute with Covid-19.

Tony Montalto, whose 14-year-old daughter Gina died in a shooting, said the trial was “after a long time.”

“I hope everyone remembers the victims,” ​​he told The Associated Press.

“I told the world about his plans on social media, carried them out in a calm and calculated way, and killed my beautiful daughter, 13 classmates, and 3 teachers,” said Mr. Cruz of Montalto. Stated.

The victim’s parents and spouse, who spoke publicly, said they were in favor of Cruz’s execution. Montalto does not answer this question directly, but Cruz has repeatedly said that “it deserves every opportunity given to Gina and others.”

Most Monday-Wednesday in the coming weeks, jury trial candidates will be taken to court in groups of 60, about four times a day.

They are asked if they can judge the case fairly, setting aside hostility to Cruz. You will then be asked if it is available from June to September. Of each group, Scheller wants five to remain.

Candidates who pass these hurdles are taken to another room, where lawyers fill out a questionnaire about their background and beliefs for consideration.

Will be taken home within a few weeks for individual questions. To qualify as a jury, you must say that you can vote for the death penalty if the evidence supports the verdict but you do not think it is essential for the murder.

On Monday, the first group of 60 jury trial candidates submitted to court.

Cruz, 23, wore a gray sweater and face mask and sat between lawyers. Four deputy sheriffs were sitting nearby. Cruz briefly spoke and waived his right to participate directly in the screening process. Eight parents of some victims and other families were sitting together in court.

Both the prosecutor and the defense can challenge the jury trial candidate for good reason.

Scheller eliminates candidates who are convinced that lawyers on either side have a prejudice against their side. There are also at least 10 forced strikes on each side, allowing candidates to be eliminated for reasons other than race or gender.

Parkland School Shooting: Jury Selection Begins with Death Penalty | Parkland, Florida School Shooting

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