Passengers react to determine to revoke the federal mask obligations for travel

Lee County

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida overturned an extension of public transport masking obligations. This means that at least the policy will not be enforced while the TSA decides whether to appeal.

RSW travelers were thinking about mandates and their reversals.

Immediately after stepping into Southwest Florida International Airport, the first thing everyone sees is a sign that they must always wear a mask.

Just last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called for an extension of its Maskman date until May 3.

Monica Campa lives in Florida. “I don’t like masks, but when it comes to transportation, I would say that because you’re so close to people,” Kampa said.

But others like Carter Ames in Michigan disagree. “I don’t agree with them. Really. I just … they keep expanding it, and I think it’s doing nothing to help. Most people do it. I think it’s over, “Ames said.

Kathryn Kimball Mizel, a federal judge in Florida, has decided to change that. She made her mission unconstitutional.

Edyie Walther lives part-time in southwestern Florida. “I saw a Florida judge wanting to withdraw the delegation, and I was happy because I panicked with the plane mask. And I think that’s my decision.” Walther said.

In fact, when she came to the airport to pick up her grandson on Monday, she thought she didn’t need a mask anymore.

“Yes, I was very excited. I had it in my hand and saw the sign, but when I went to the window, many people didn’t wear it today,” Walther said.

Some travelers want that to happen. “I agree with the judge that if you want to see it when you feel better, you should, but if you don’t or don’t want to, you don’t. I will, “said Ames.

“I think it’s okay. As I said, people should make a choice, and my choice is to wear a mask,” Kampa said.

It has not yet been decided when this will take effect.

“Government agencies are reviewing decisions and assessing potential next steps, while the CDC’s public transport masking order is not valid,” the White House said.

Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, state that masks are an option.

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Passengers react to determine to revoke the federal mask obligations for travel

Source link Passengers react to determine to revoke the federal mask obligations for travel

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