Pastor admits sex with 16 years old after victim confesses to church in viral video

John Row II, The minister of the Indiana church said he Committing “fornication” 20 years ago When a woman in the congregation immediately corrected him — she was only six when a 65-year-old man preyed on her. “You must stop lying and manipulating.” Bobbi Jeffert I told him in front of the whole church.

Viral video captures a woman facing a minister

The case is now viral after a family member Uploaded brave admission for women On Facebook.

In the video, which has been played over 350,000 times, 43-year-old Bobi Gephart came into the microphone. She told their church in Warsaw, Indiana, how Rev. Rowe cared for her as a teenager. She said her abuse began at the age of 16. 16 years of consent happens to be the legal age of consent of the state. Her unfortunately, the woman who stood on stage with her husband said that the memory of her minister still hurt her. She accused him of taking a virgin in the office of his church and then making further sexual progress in her.

“For 27 years I lived in prison … I lived in a prison of lies and shame. I’m lying to protect the Rowe family. For years I’ve been a scary person. I was thinking. I had suicidal ideation and didn’t realize what I was really doing. “

The woman also revealed that her brother motivated her to talk about what happened.

“If my brother saw him as a teenager who had been suffering for many years two weeks ago, that is, he wasn’t approaching me with the pastor in bed with his sister, I’m still in jail. prize.”

Prosecutor is investigating John Row II

Rev. Rowe II told the church that he had “guilty” of adultery 20 years ago, without mentioning how old the woman or girl was. He asked the congregation to forgive him for the “deep wounds” he caused by “sinning.”

I committed adultery. To be clear, I didn’t make any mistakes, I didn’t have any problems, I didn’t flirt, I didn’t misunderstand. I have sinned. I have to say that, and you deserve to hear it. “

After Bobbi Jeffert spoke, Rowe returned to Mike, admitting that his involvement with her as a teenager was true.Kosiusko County Public Prosecutor’s Office WANE 15 There is a pending investigation of the issue on Monday.

The church sympathizes with the minister and the woman he molested and makes a statement

On Monday, the church issued a statement on the incident on its Facebook page.

“Because of what has just been revealed, we are hurt and broken for a woman who has been lovingly attending and serving the church for many years, and for her husband and family. It is our most. It is a deep prayer and a commitment to love, support, encourage and help her through the healing process in every way we can. New Life also serves and serves all members throughout this difficult season. We are dedicated to serving together, which not only allows us to survive this, but also to experience the healing of abundant grace and unity together for the glory of God and the protection of His Church. Because.

Our bankruptcy extends to Rev. John B. Rowe, his wife and family. For 42 years, New Life has taught and preached the cross-led message of repentance, forgiveness, and recovery. A ministry of reconciliation, led and modeled by Rev. John and Rev. Debbie Rowe. May healing occur in their hearts. Their marriage and family, we are committed to showing the same support, encouragement, counsel, and forgiveness that came to define the collective mind and ministry of this body. As of Monday, May 23, 2022, Rev. John B. Rowe II offered to resign from New Life Christian Church and World Outreach. “

Pastor admits sex with 16 years old after victim confesses to church in viral video

Source link Pastor admits sex with 16 years old after victim confesses to church in viral video

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