Pennsylvania Gaming Commission imposes a total fine of $ 284,000

The· Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board After the regulator identified a series of failures, it issued a series of penalties and two non-monetary punitive measures.

A total fine of $ 284,000 Void Gaming, Mountain View Thoroughbred Racing Association, Valley Forge Convention Center Partner And Sugar shack game, In addition to Snowshoe Travel Plaza And Pit Stop Travel Plaza..

Boyd Gaming, who received the largest fine of $ 150,000, was sanctioned by the PGCB for failing to notify regulators of all relevant facts about why he relinquished his principal’s license in 2020 and determined board suitability. Hindered.

Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing was fined $ 70,000 after an individual on the regulatory self-exclusion list entered the facility’s game floor.Individuals were then offered alcoholic beverages that led to addiction and subsequent damage to the vehicle.

Also, since the two employees were dismissed, they have deliberately poured in payments to game service providers and inaccurately disclosed to PGCB and its licensing authorities that the amount of payment required to determine the classification was low. This property was penalized with a $ 50,000 penalty. Some of that vendor. This caused a “underclassification” of game service providers and reduced license application fees.

Valley Forge Casino Resort operator Valley Forge Convention Center Partners has received a $ 14,000 penalty for allowing a 20-year-old man to access the casino floor and gamble on table games. It was.

Sugar House, which operates Rivers Casino Philadelphia, did not receive a fine, but required individuals to implement additional security and surveillance requirements after leaving two children in a vehicle parked in the accommodation’s parking lot. Was done.

Snow Shoe Travel Plaza and Pit Stop Travel Plaza also did not receive a fine, but did not comply with various licensing requirements and therefore abandoned two video game terminal establishment licenses and two major licenses.

Pennsylvania Gaming Commission imposes a total fine of $ 284,000

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