Pennsylvania sportsbooks reached nearly $ 580 million in September bets

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September stakes in Pennsylvania’s sportsbooks were the second highest in the state, reaching nearly $ 580 million the second time. Play Pennsylvania Track regulated online games and sports betting in the state.

PlayPennsylvania said sports betting and online casino gambling should generate more than $ 110 million in revenue and growth should occur during the first full month of football.

Katie Caller, An analyst at PlayPennsylvania commented: “Even if the Steelers and Eagles get off to a slow start, nothing stirs up sports betting drinks like football. Pennsylvania State University has made a difference in raising interest. This certainly helps. The bottom line is that every sportsbook wants a strong start to the football season, which is exactly what the Pennsylvania industry got in September. “

According to official data, the Pennsylvania Sportsbook raised a $ 578.8 million stake in September. This month’s volume increased 25.1% from $ 462.8 million in September 2020 and 66.1% from $ 348.5 million in August.

Total sports betting revenue was just below the $ 49.3 million record in January, and operator revenue in September was $ 48.1 million, up 163.2% from $ 18.3 million in the year-ago quarter and from $ 25.3 million in August. It increased by 90.1%. This income generated $ 28.3 million in taxable income and $ 10.2 million in state tax and local equity valuations.

During the first nine months of 2021, bettors have bet $ 4.3 billion or 45.6% of the $ 9.4 billion bet in Pennsylvania since sports betting began in November 2018.

Dustin Gouker, Analysts on the PlayUSA Network, including PlayPennsylvania, said:

“The industry will probably continue to grow in the coming months and gain momentum in October with the start of the baseball postseason and NBA season. Sports betting should produce spectacular numbers in the coming months. . “

The September online sportsbook accepted a $ 527.4 million bet. FanDuel It has the largest share of the online market with a stake of $ 183.7 million. Revenue increased to $ 21.2 million. Draft Kings The second was a stake of $ 164.7 million and a total revenue of $ 5.1 million.

Pen National Bar Stool-The branded app has raised $ 52.8 million in stakes and generated a total revenue of $ 2.6 million. The app has generated $ 52.9 million in bets of $ 647.7 million since it was released last September.

Gouker said: No operator has taken the advantage of FanDuel and DraftKings seriously yet. However, Barthur has proven to be at least an important player in Pennsylvania. “

Retail sportsbooks withdrew $ 51.3 million in September bets, up from $ 48.7 million in the same month last year, bringing total sports betting revenue to $ 7.2 million ($ 5.1 million in September 2020). rice field. Pittsburgh river It surpassed the retail market with a bet of $ 7.9 million.

Online casinos and poker rooms have generated $ 111.8 million in GGR, the second highest ever in Pennsylvania. Revenues in September increased 61.3% from $ 69.4 million in the year-ago quarter and increased 8.4% from $ 103.2 million in August.

Income generated $ 97.8 million in taxable income and $ 41.7 million in state and local taxes. Bets at online casinos went from $ 3.2 billion in August to $ 3.5 billion in September.

Caller concludes: “Online casinos are symbiotic with online sportsbooks. Successful sportsbooks tend to increase the fate of online casinos and vice versa. See it in action in September. I did. “

Pennsylvania sportsbooks reached nearly $ 580 million in September bets

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