Pentagon approves an additional 20 COVID-19 vaccination teams

Washington – The Pentagon approves the deployment of 20 military vaccination teams ready to travel to communities across the country, and if 100 planned teams are realized, the department will deploy an army of 19,000 people. Become. The number of troops is almost double what federal authorities initially thought they needed.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Friday with the latest approval of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the number of COVID-19 vaccination teams approved so far is 25, for a total of about 4,700 services. He said he had members. He said teams primarily involving active units were approved in a step-by-step approach based on the needs of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

So far, only one of the first five teams approved last week has actually been announced and deployed. A team of 222 members from Fort Carson, Colorado will arrive in Los Angeles to support a federal-run vaccination site at California State University. Kirby said the team will start work on Monday.


He added that the department expects to soon reveal details about where the other four will evolve.

The Biden administration has stated that delivering vaccines to Americans is a top priority, questioning why the team did not deploy more quickly.

The Pentagon received its first request from FEMA in late January, calling for 100 vaccination teams with a total army of 10,000. According to Kirby, only one team has been deployed so far. This is a complex process that requires coordination with local and state authorities to identify the right place and determine the infrastructure and support needed. He said it would take time to set up each site correctly.

“We don’t want to move fast enough to overwhelm processes and systems,” Kirby told reporters in the Pentagon.

Authorities say that as more vaccines become available, more vaccination sites will be opened nationwide. Military deployment occurs when the country is in competition with the virus that is producing the mutation. This makes it easier for the virus to spread and can cause fatal illness.


The 20 new teams include 10 teams with 222 members and 10 small units with 139 personnel.

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Pentagon approves an additional 20 COVID-19 vaccination teams

Source link Pentagon approves an additional 20 COVID-19 vaccination teams

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