Pentagon creates a new office to investigate UFO reports

Image from a sighting of a U.S. military pilot of an “unidentified flying object” that some consider to be evidence of UFO.

After extensive investigation, the Pentagon is creating a new office to investigate unidentified flying objects in fear of not being able to explain mysterious sightings near highly sensitive military areas.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has ordered a new investigative body to be established in the US Department of Defense intelligence in collaboration with the Director of National Intelligence of the United States. office, The Pentagon said late Tuesday.

The order was placed 5 months after the classified US. Intelligence The report on possible alien UFOs was not definitive: it was able to explain some reported incidents, but not other phenomena.

The new office will focus on incidents within or near a designated “special purpose airspace” (SUA) area that is tightly controlled and blocked. General aviation For security confidentiality.

The U.S. military is worried that some of the unidentified aerial phenomena discovered by military pilots in the past may represent the technology of strategic rivals unknown to US scientists.

“Invasion from the air object Raises flight safety and operational security concerns to our SUA and may raise them nationwide safety “Challenge”.

The Pentagon added, “We take reports of intrusions by identified or unspecified aerial objects very seriously and are investigating each one.”

The new office was called the Aerial Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), the successor to the US Navy’s Unidentified Flying Object Phenomenon Task Force.

It is overseen by the military and a panel of experts from the military Intelligence community..

An official review that categorized most of the UFO reports released in June can explain most of the approximately 120 cases in the last 20 years and has nothing to do with unknown or secret U.S. or foreign technology. Was judged.

But it couldn’t explain some fascinating reports and videos made by military personnel.

Last year, the Pentagon released an unexplained video shot by a Navy pilot of an object that moves, rotates, and mysteriously disappears at incredible speeds.

China’s July test of a hypersonic aircraft orbiting the Earth that was able to launch another missile while moving at more than five times the speed of sound, Beijing has technology that the United States has not yet developed. I warned Washington that it might be.

Evidence about UFOs “Mostly inconclusive”: US intelligence report

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Pentagon creates a new office to investigate UFO reports

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