Pete Alonso won a two-run double as the amazing Mets beat the Brewers and reached the midpoint of more than .500 seven games.

Eighty-one games to 2021, the midpoint of the season, defeated Brewers 4-2 on Monday night, and Mets believes they know who they are. A legitimate World Series candidate.

At 44-37, Mets is at a pace of 88 wins. They led the mediocre NL East 41/2 games before the crowds of Atlanta, Washington and Philadelphia until the results of later games came out.

“Looking at the big picture of the National League, the goal is to win your division and reach the postseason,” said General Manager Zack Scott on Monday night. “And I think there’s more chance than anyone else when you get there, especially considering the top of the rotation and the bullpen.”

The road to Mets relevance was an unexpected road, many years later. They have one of the best pitching staff, including the best rotation of 2.96 ERA, and one of the worst attacks in the majors.

So far, the formula has worked and was re-exhibited at 51-35 against NL Central and the fleeing Brewers.

Mets didn’t score very well, but he did. They reached Milwalky’s Ace Brandon Woodruff in four runs in 6 1/3 innings. The highlights of the seventh three-run rally were Pete Alonso’s Go Ahead, two-run double, and Michael Conforto’s RBI single.

Woodruff (2.10 ERA) had been cruising until then. When Brandon Nimmo took the double lead, the only other run was the fourth, and the Mets’ first hit came in third on Francisco Lindeau’s sacrifice fly, scoring on Dominic Smith’s sacrifice fly.

Nimmo (2-for-4) was the only Met to record multiple hits.

“His good approach is contagious,” said manager Luis Rojas. “Thanks to Brandon Nimmo, we can see the entire repertoire from the other pitcher.”

Mets has achieved that with another excellent pitching performance.

Right-handed Tyler Megil beat the Brewers to one run and two hits in five innings, the best of the three major league starts. He hit seven and walked two. The only downside was Omar Narvaez’s home run in the fourth inning. His ERA is 3.77.

“He’s doing exactly what we need,” Rojas said. “Probably more than we needed. He was outstanding.”

After that, the bullpen took over. Aaron Loup (1.80 ERA), Seth Lugo (2.40) and Trevor May (3.13, 10 consecutive no-scoring) each threw a shutout inning. Edwin Diaz made his 18th save with 19 chances and was freed from his own jam. The first three batters have reached the base.

Despite a series of injuries, Mets was initially injured by a fielder and more recently by a pitcher. They used the intended opening round lineup only eight times. This is less than 10% of the game.

The last major missing part is JD Davis, who has been out with his left hand sprained for over two months. He may be back this weekend. If not, next weekend, Mets will start a post-All-Star break schedule in Pittsburgh.

“When we evaluate things later this month, it’s a good time to get these people back, see what we have, and better understand where they are,” Scott said. I did.

The front office is closely watching when deciding what to do with the July 30 closing deadline. Scott said starting pitchers were a priority, but he did not rule out potential batter additions.

Winning three of the last four games is a welcome sign for Mets. Mets is in the middle of a 9-12 stretch.

“We are in the first place, and it’s great,” Alonso said. “But the place we are now is where we want to be the end of 162.”

Pete Alonso won a two-run double as the amazing Mets beat the Brewers and reached the midpoint of more than .500 seven games.

Source link Pete Alonso won a two-run double as the amazing Mets beat the Brewers and reached the midpoint of more than .500 seven games.

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