Phil Saviano, a whistleblower of priestly sexual abuse, dies at age 69

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Phil Saviano, a survivor and whistleblower of sexual abuse of clergy who played a central role in exposing decades of predatory assault by a Roman Catholic priest in the United States, has died. rice field. He was 69 years old.

The story of Saviano was highlighted in the 2015 Oscar-winning movie “Spotlight” about the Boston Globe’s research. The investigation revealed that dozens of priests molested their children and fled because they were obscured by church leaders. He died on Sunday after the fight against gallbladder cancer, said his brother and caregiver Jim Saviano.

In late October, Phil Saviano announced on his Facebook page that he started hospice care at his brother’s house in Douglas, Massachusetts. There he died.

“Things have been at stake in the last few weeks,” he wrote. “I heard Judy Collins singing’Bird On A Wire’and think about me,” he asked his followers.

Saviano played a central role in uncovering the scandal, which led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard in Boston and the reconciliation of the church with hundreds of victims. Globe’s 2002 series won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Services in 2003, and “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. Actor Neil Huff played Saviano in the movie.

“My gift to the world wasn’t afraid to speak up,” Saviano said in a short telephone interview with the Associated Press in mid-November.

Born June 23, 1952, Saviano remembered confessing as a boy in the small St. Dennis Church in East Douglas, Massachusetts, and whispering sin to Rev. David Holly through a screen in the 1960s. He said the priest violated his sacred trust and forced an 11-year-old child to have sexual intercourse. Holly died in a prison in New Mexico in 2008 while serving a 275-year sentence for molesting eight boys.

“When we were kids, the priests never did bad things. Like the police, you didn’t ask them,” Brother Jim Saviano told AP. “There were many barriers that intentionally or otherwise interfered with him, depending on the institution and the thinking of the generation. It didn’t stop him. It’s a kind of unique courage.”

The self-proclaimed “Recovery Catholic” Saviano is an organization working to uncover specific allegations of sexual abuse of clerics, a network of survivors of people abused by priests, or SNAP’s New England. Established a branch.

His belief in the church was shattered, and Saviano instead turned to politicians and prosecutors to bring the criminals to justice.

“We rely on legislators and prosecutors to solve this problem,” he told reporters in 2002.

Phil Saviano, a whistleblower of priestly sexual abuse, dies at age 69

Source link Phil Saviano, a whistleblower of priestly sexual abuse, dies at age 69

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