Pinnacle enhances the betting experience while playing at Deck Prism Sports

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Online bookmaker vertex Affiliated with Implay Odds Originator DeckPrism Sports this week. This agreement will allow Pinnacle to use the latter’s proprietary model to further enhance the betting experience during play.

Operators have access to Deck Prism Sports technology and modeling capabilities. It aims to provide customers with an “unmatched in-play betting product” in combination with Pinnacle’s experience and risk management platform.

According to bookmakers, the adoption of in-play betting is progressing faster than most companies are capable of developing sophisticated in-play offerings, with some companies overusing delays and betting denial tools and customers. Is causing dissatisfaction.

DeckPrism has created the technology to change that, but Pinnacle says it continues to fulfill its promise to eliminate these issues and put the customer first.

Marco Bloom, Pinnacle’s Trading Director said: “Everyone knows that in-play betting is the place of action today. It’s great for customers, but it’s a unique challenge for bookmakers. Pinnacle thrives on it and we Has repeatedly proved to tackle these challenges to give bettors what they want. There are so many moving parts in the coverage during play that things are right compared to before the game. Much more experience and technology is needed to do it.

“We have partnered with Deck Prism Sports because it is better than any other sport in this area. Through this collaboration we have set the gold standard that the industry should follow. Previously great products But by continuing to improve your playing experience, pricing will be even faster. “

Ed Miller, Co-founder and Chief Architect of Deck Prism Sports, said:: “Pinnacle is one of the top names in sports betting around the world and we are excited to work with them to ensure that our customers enjoy a more seamless in-play betting experience. This is an exciting partnership for both parties. , A proof of product quality that can help Pinnacle improve the great work it already does.

“Deck Prism’s advanced technology and models have proven to benefit companies like Pinnacle by capturing more in-game action, but create fairer and more reliable products. It’s also about. We look forward to helping Pinnacle improve the customer experience while at the same time helping the company secure more profit and increase loyalty to the brand. “

Pinnacle risk management is enhanced under the B2B Arm Pinnacle solution. Incorporating DeckPrism Sports’ advanced modeling expertise into this equation claims to provide the fastest, most accurate and most reliable in-play betting product on the market.

Pinnacle enhances the betting experience while playing at Deck Prism Sports

Source link Pinnacle enhances the betting experience while playing at Deck Prism Sports

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