Platinum Jubilee: A four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year throne begins

London-A four-day celebration of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s throne began on Thursday, showing the British military traditions from the horse and artillery era to the jet era.

The official celebration of Platinum Jubilee began with Trooping the Color, an annual military review commemorating Sovereign’s official birthday since 1760. The Queen is expected to join a working member of her family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the event, if 70 aircraft are set to roar over her head.

Jubilee will be held to commemorate the four-day holiday weekend. Celebration of Elizabeth’s reign includes Friday Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, a concert at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, and a pageant of thousands of performers from schools and community groups across the country on Sunday afternoon. included.

Throughout the weekend, neighboring organizations and individuals are expected to repeat the tradition that began with the Queen’s coronation in 1953, hosting thousands of street parties nationwide.

The 96-year-old Queen is Britain’s longest monarch and the first monarch to reach the 70-year milestone on the throne. Her delight gives many people-even those who are often indifferent to the monarchy-the opportunity to think about the state of the country and the major changes that took place during her reign.

Former Prime Minister John Major, one of the 14 prime ministers of the Queen’s reign, said the monarch’s stoic presence helped maneuver the country for decades,

“The Queen has represented our better self for over 70 years,” he told the BBC.

In a written message of delight, the Queen thanked the people of the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth for their involvement in hosting the celebration. For many, this opportunity is the first outbreak since the coronavirus pandemic began more than two years ago.

“I know that these festive occasions create many happy memories,” Elizabeth said.

“I am still inspired by the good intentions I have shown, and I am offered the opportunity to look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm, and to reflect on everything that has been achieved in the last 70 years in the next few days. I hope, “she says. she said.

Congratulations from the world leaders. French President Emmanuel Macron called Elizabeth the “golden thread that connects the two countries” and one of the “very few constants” on the international stage.

“You are our friend, a very close ally, and an example of service to others,” Macron told the Queen in an English video message.

The name of Trooping the Color, the first event of the long weekend, refers to the flag of the regiment, the “color”, forming an army beyond the ranks. The annual tradition of the British Queen’s birthday is a ritual reproduction of the way the battle ensign was once shown to soldiers so that they can recognize important rally points in the event of a battle turmoil.

The participating troops come from the military household sector, which consists of seven regiments performing ceremonial missions for the Queen. Their members are fully trained soldiers and are often stationed abroad when there is no ritual obligation.

Each year, different units have the honor of making that color an army. The Irish Guards 1st Battalion will be in the spotlight during the Platinum Jubilee.

Thousands of people camped overnight and lined up on the parade route. Many wore Union Jack flags, party hats, and plastic tiaras.

Curly Martin, who took a late-night bus from southern London with her daughter, said she came “to make memories.”

“This will never be seen again in a lifetime,” she said. “At least not mine, and probably not my daughter …. 70 years-that’s all I’ve ever known.”

The Queen will appear twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, but Prince Charles will play an important role during the event, paying homage to the passing soldiers on behalf of his mother. Elizabeth is struggling with her recent move, and her courtiers are careful to keep things as simple as possible for her.

The Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex and their children, the Duchess of Gloucester and Sir Tim Lawrence, were horse-drawn to St. James’s Park’s ceremonial parade ground, the Horse Guards Parade.

The Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess join other royalty to see the sights. The couple traveled from their home in California to participate in the celebration.

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Platinum Jubilee: A four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year throne begins

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