Plies Drops’Pearly Mix’To Ari Lennox’s Song’Pressure’ (Video)

When it comes to remixes, no one is off limits, especially if it’s a popular song. Ali Lennox Dropped one of the most popular songs last year on “Pressure”. The song is nearly five months old, but Plies dropped an unofficial remix titled “Pearly Mix” today. Florida natives immediately surprised Gram’s fans with a remix that quickly made the song their favorite!

The remix was released just an hour ago and is currently played over 34,000 times. He captioned the post “Send UAd *** Pic during @LunchBoo I’m Confident” … @ Plies “Pressure” (Pearly Mix)… @ arilennox “Pressure” (Pearly Mix) @jermainedupri # Plies # PearlyPlies. His comment section is full of fans who demand that the song be online. One commented, “I need this remix on Apple Music right now.” Another wrote, “He didn’t say.” #PearlyPressure. 

Ari hasn’t given Plies a remix okay, but it’s just adding more fuel to the song that’s currently number one on Billboard’s radio charts. Billboard “Pressure” is Ari’s first number one entry and reports that the song is leading the Adult R & B Airplay chart as of February 5th. The report also shows songs that have progressed from the runner-up, thanks to a 10% increase in views to make them the most played songs on monitored US adult R & B radio stations.

Ali had to say a lot about her recent achievements. In an email statement, the singer said: “I’m beyond gratitude.” She continued to thank her label, co-authors, and record producers. “I love Dreamville, Interscope, Radio PD and DJ, Justin Lamotte, JD, Johnta Austin, Jai’Len Josey, Brian Michael Cox, Elite, and all the beautiful families and fans who supported this record.” She added.

Do your roommates think this is an official remix?

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Plies Drops’Pearly Mix’To Ari Lennox’s Song’Pressure’ (Video)

Source link Plies Drops’Pearly Mix’To Ari Lennox’s Song’Pressure’ (Video)

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