Plumbers call the day after Thanksgiving “Brown Friday”

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In the retail industry, what is known as Black Friday is known to local plumbers as Brown Friday.

This is because the day after Thanksgiving tends to be the busiest day of home visits.

“Everyone goes shopping. We generally clean up the turmoil in people’s homes,” said plumber Jeremy McCoy.

McCoy, who works for a plumbing and heating company, says the phone rings every week, as it’s called Black Friday, or Brown Friday.

His team works overtime and fixes an endless plumbing nightmare. He says this is preventable in most cases.

It starts with protecting your pipe.

“People think their garbage disposal is a trash can. That’s probably your biggest problem,” he explained.

McCoy says that the remaining grease and oil is scraped off the cookware and placed in the trash or empty container.

But just in case, he says mixing baking soda, vinegar, and even ice helps clean the drains.

Solutions like Drano may not be the best.

“If you have old pipes, you will eat them up over time. That’s not a good thing.”

There is an acronym to remember known as “FOG”.

Abbreviation for fat, oil and grease. Things like salad dressings, cheese, milk, butter, and cooking oil should not be drained into the drain. Experts say it joins with a flashable wipe that gives a final hint.

“Never wash away a washable wipe. Just throw it in the trash. It’s easier to wrap a bag of trash and take it to an outside can than to call us,” McCoy says.

If you’re hosting this holiday season and your guests offer to clean up, ask them to throw away the scraps instead of using garbage disposal.

Most plumbers are open in an emergency, but many plumbers charge more to work during the holidays.

Plumbers call the day after Thanksgiving “Brown Friday”

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