Police chief casts support behind Biden’s choice of civil rights

Washington – Dozens of police chiefs, who ran America’s largest police force, are helping Kristen Clark, who has been appointed to run the Civil Rights Department of the Department of Justice.

In a letter to parliamentary leaders on Friday, law enforcement leaders in more than 30 cities said that Clark had been a prosecutor and civil rights advocate for many years with “federal and state and local law enforcement authorities. He showed an amazing ability to work closely together. “

Signatories include Bill Bratton, New York Police Department Commissioner and Los Angeles Police Department Secretary. Charles Ramsey, who commanded police in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Former Boston Police Department member Ed Davis and dozens of others.

Some of the largest law enforcement groups in the United States also threw their support behind Clark. These include the National Association of Police Organizations, the National Association of Police Organizations, and the National Association of Police Organizations.


Clark, who chaired the Civil Rights Act’s Attorneys’ Committee under the Civil Rights Act, is crucial as the Department of Justice focuses on civil rights issues, criminal justice, and police policy in the wake of national protests. It is expected to play a role. Death of a black American by law enforcement. Attorney General Merrick Garland also emphasized his commitment to combating racism in police, saying at his confirmation hearing that the United States “does not yet have equal justice.”

Support from both the Chief and some of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States shows broad support for Clark’s nomination within the law enforcement community as an avid and fair defender in the fight against civil rights infringement. ..


“Over the last few years, it has become clear how important it is for law enforcement officers to build trust within the community,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer, Senate leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Justice Commissioner. Read the letter to the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties of the Society. ..

Police chief said Clark had built a national reputation “as a reliable and violent defender and protector of the most vulnerable crime victims in our community.”

“As a result, she will bring enormous trust among community leaders to the Department of Justice’s civil rights department,” she read the letter. “This credibility is paramount because she does some of the important work of building relationships with law enforcement leaders and pursuing accountability as needed.”

The House Judiciary Committee is planning a confirmation hearing for Clark on Wednesday.

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Police chief casts support behind Biden’s choice of civil rights

Source link Police chief casts support behind Biden’s choice of civil rights

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