Porsha Williams is still praying for Armode Arberry

Porsha Williams I’ve been praying for Armored Berry recently. Check out the messages she shared on her social media account.

“I’m still praying for # AhmaudArbery’s family! We remember you and continue to support your mother fighting for justice! PS: Raise funds in the name of Ahmaud I noticed that there is an organization named @ 223fdn … his mother doesn’t support and asks him to stop using his son’s name and stop donating. Please check before giving. ” Added a caption to her post.

The follower said:’What’s wrong with ppl? This poor man woke up and said, “Rem goes for a run,” and he never came back. There is no justice or peace. “

The commenter said: ‘This is the second time I’ve heard that you’re looking for money on this page. He even closed the comment. He should be ashamed of himself at so many levels. Armor’s mother hurts her heart. 💔’

Someone else said:’Still praying for his whole family and Armor’s justice. And it’s very rude to those who use such Armor names.

The follower said:’For some reason, this hurt me more than others. I pray that God will empower my family, especially my mother. You stay in my heart and my prayers. RestInPeaceAhmaud 🙏🏽❤️. ‘

Someone else said:’This must be stopped !!! Our new president needs to change these gun controls about making these crooked cops responsible for their actions ..

Believers said: “The Lord is with his family and we will support and fight for justice !! ☝️☝️”

Porsha Williams Reveal what is the only reason she bowed. Check out her recent social media posts.

“If I bow my head, it just praises my shoes. I attached it.


Porsha Williams impresses fans with this look and shocks others with small details

Porsha Williams is still praying for Armode Arberry

Source link Porsha Williams is still praying for Armode Arberry

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