Porsha Williams shares trailer for her next show

This year, Porsha Williams is getting a lot of attention. In June, her mother and reality show star surprised the world about how she was dating and engaged her ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. Farin Guobadia, In June. please remember. Viewers of “Atlanta’s Real Housewife” were introduced to Farin and Simon this past season, and Farin was labeled as a friend of Porcia. In all the dramas between Farin, Simon and Porsha on the internet, people thought this was due to the storyline of RHOA’s new next season.

But earlier this month, Porsha pulled us fast when she announced she wouldn’t return to the show afterwards. 10 seasons. Porsha doesn’t appear on a small screen with peaches, but today she announced she’ll be back on TV on her show! On On Instagram, she shared a trailer for her new show on Bravo TV and introduced her family issues and relationships. The limited series “Atlanta’s Real Housewife: Porcia’s Family Issues” is her new show premiered on November 28th. The extended trailer made things hard between Porsha and her family. He was surprised at his engagement with Simon a month later.

In the clip, one of Porcia’s female family asked her, “I’d like to know why Simon’s previous three marriages didn’t work.” Another asked why she had to know about her dating Simon on TV. More than 2,500 people, including her ex-RHOA castmate Shereé Whitfield, commented on the show, showing her some love and commenting, “Yes, I’m waiting for it !!”.

Porsha also stepped into the shade room and thanked her for her love. “”November 28 @ theshaderoom # Thank you for loving PorshasFamilyMatters! – My book # PursuitOfPorsha November 30th, “she commented. Roomy, would you like to tune to a limited series?

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Porsha Williams shares trailer for her next show

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