PowerBook IV 50 Cents: Force and Power Universe

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The evolution of 50 Cent from hip-hop icons to television masterminds may still be a shock to some, but the change was amazing to witnesses. His executive-produced “Power” series debuted at Stars in 2014. But later three spin-offs ( Real life series “BMF”), The flagship program helped prove 50 Cent’s reputation as a television tycoon.

“I didn’t start looking at the power universe until it worked.”

“Power” was as popular as its enthusiastic fan base, but 50 cents didn’t initially see the movie world. “I didn’t start looking at the power universe until it worked,” he tells POPSUGAR exclusively. “Like season 6 [of ‘Power’], I then started talking to the Stars about the possibility of doing spin-offs and the universe.And it worked with “raise Canaan” [taking] We went back to the 90’s and then the “Force” project came out. The fourth show is like a natural spin-off. “

Fans who have been following the franchise from the beginning have been asking for Tommy Eagan’s spin-off for years, and now it’s happening. “Powerbook IV: Force” — Joseph Sikora-led series, believed to be the last series of the franchise — shortly after Tommy’s story Of “Power Book II Ghost” Season 1 finale when he forges his own death to escape murder charges in New York City. At the next show, Tommy will encounter new rules, friends and enemies as he tries to take over the drug game in Chicago.

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According to 50 Cent, “Power Book IV: Force” aims to bring more awareness to Chicago, incorporating elements of the city that it feels recognizable. In other successful spin-offs created by people like Courtney Kemp and Sachapen, 50 cents easily approaches the PowerBook IV: Force because he knew he was “doing his best to the end.” I was able to.

Sikola told POPSUGAR that his spin-off was expected to be the second series of power franchises, but he had to wait a bit for 50 Cent to bear fruit. “50 will tell you what he said to me,’just relax, it’s coming,'” he says. “And as all that 50 promises, it happens. He’s a marketing genius, an entrepreneurial genius, and now an entertainment conglomerate genius.” Jackson. ”

50 Cent hopes his latest Power spin-off will resonate with the show’s enthusiastic fans who have been waiting for this lap moment for years. The family was an anchor A new start in all the Powerseries to date, but from a location near Tommy, completely shatters that theme of “PowerBook IV: The Force.” Now he is tasked with finding his family on his own terms.

“It’s another dynamic because he already has a broken family,” 50 cents shares. “Mom is funny, pop is already out of here, so it’s a lot different, but for a family drama, it’s a different kind of drama,” Sikola adds.

“I want to make those moments [too] Music is still important to me. “

The cultural influence of the power universe is a big part of its continued success.In the same way Marvel Cinematic Universe A staple of comic lovers, the 50 Cent’s Power franchise has established a unique position in Starz’s network, where many argue that it should be a 50 Cent network.

The intent behind the executive producer’s film world was to create a series in which he could lead the story to music — created by the classic 1972 film “Super Fly” and Curtis Mayfield. Similar to that soundtrack album. “There’s something the protagonist is looking at, and the music says what he’s thinking,” he explains. “He was so harmonious about what the music was, so the Curtis soundtrack said it for him instead of having to say it … I want to make those moments [too] Music is still important to me. ”

Power Show Only Theme Song — This includes: Joe’s “Big Rich Town” When 50 Cent “Part of the Game” — It’s a huge phenomenon loved by fans. Currently, 50 Cent is introducing a new entry for joining the bunch, run by Chicago’s own Jeremih and Lil Durk. Talking about his own track record of turning old hits into new hits of today’s generation, 50 Cent jokes that some of these artists have acknowledged his achievements in making it happen. I’m joking. “They really owe me, guys, those artists owe me money to connect them,” he says.

Beyond the world of power, 50 Cent is hosting more shows with Starz’s work. Hip Hop Anthology Series In another drama with Snoop Dogg Based on the African warrior Queen Nzinga.. And “PowerBook IV: Force” may close the powerworld loop, but it’s still possible.

The premiere of the “PowerBook IV: Force” series will air on Sunday, February 6th at 9pm EST.

PowerBook IV 50 Cents: Force and Power Universe

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