Powerbook IV Cast: The Power of Tommy Spin-offs

Tommy Eagan’s long-awaited “power” spin-off Finally debuted at Starz this month. The new series celebrates the finale of “PowerBook II: Ghost” shortly after the explosive season and is tied to its parent show. After losing his best friend, his love for life, and the only city he ever knew, Tommy (played by Joseph Sikora) described his dark past in New York City as “PowerBook IV: Exchange for a new Chicago adventure at Force. There, he becomes familiar with new crew members, new enemies, and new rules regarding his quest to become the city’s largest drug dealer.

“I think it’s a great proof of the evolution of creativity behind the world of’power’. “

According to executive producer 50 Cent, “Power Book IV: Force” is a “natural spin-off” of the “Power” universe, even though it arrived almost two years after the end of its predecessor. “I thought it would be the first,” Sikola told POPSUGAR about his spin-off timeline, adding that fans are still excited to see it. “I think it’s a great proof of the evolution of creativity behind the world of’power’ .. So I’m among such talented people, living in this character, nothing I’m proud to find Tommy at. “

In Sikola’s words, the spin-off series is “Southside Jamaica, Queens, [who] He was kicked out of what he considers to be his soul, the blood of his life, and his skin — New York City. .. The last time he saw Sikola’s character, Tommy had just escaped murder by pretending to be his death in order to regain the authorities, but Tommy was another enemy, Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige), He is his Godson, Tariq St. Patrick ()Michael Rainey Jr.). With so many people opposed to him, Tommy plans to leave his beloved city in his rear-view mirror in the hope of a new start.

Like many enthusiastic “power” fans, Sikola wanted to know where his character’s story would end up, but it took some patience to get through it. “50 [Cent] He would say he said to me, “Just relax and come,” he tells us. Between Ghost and Canaan (played by 50 Cent), Tommy has already gone through hell, but now he’s set foot in Chicago on his own terms. “There is no backup. No one calls. He has to do this himself. He has to build from here,” says Sikora. How does Tommy put everything together? How did Tommy become the Tommy you saw in Episode 1 of “Power”? Now let’s see how Tommy puts things together to create his own organization. “

“From now on, we’ll see how Tommy puts things together to create his own organization.”

As we saw All other expressions of “power” So far, the concept of family drives the plot of the show and, more importantly, acts as a motivation for all characters. However, the theme may not be included in “PowerBook IV: The Force” because Tommy does not seem to have the help of St. Patrick or his own family. “Everything else contains an organic family, and Tommy has always tried to create his own family,” explains Sikola. “So what is it? What does it look like in Chicago? As if who was going to fit those families [roles]?? Will it be Kate who denied him, or will it be new people? .. .. Who is Tommy going to choose to match himself with? “

As the world of “power” expands again, “PowerBook IV: Force” opens up a whole new world of new faces ready to carry unknown territories and torches. According to Gabriel Ryan, who plays Gloria, all members of the cast are big fans of the “power” franchise. Shane Harper (whose character, Vic Flynn ends with Ryan’s character) adds that the long-awaited spin-off is “what fans really’ve been waiting for.”

“It’s that you already know you’re successful, and you just want to continue because we speak another chapter in the story,” added Anthony Fleming III (playing JP Gibbs). increase. “I’m honored to take the reins and be part of it ….. it’s a feeling of excitement that accompanies this universe because it’s been taken over.” Self-proclaimed “Die Hard” and “Power” fans Chris Lofton (Jenard) (Playing Sampson) describes it as part of the show as a “surreal” feeling, adding that he feels that this moment owes to the show’s fan base. I will wait for a long time.

Aside from the sex, drug, violence and rock’n’roll aspects, it’s the next best thing fans have come to love about “power.” “I’ve never seen a fan like this,” surprised Isaac Keys (who plays Diamond). “Fans of this universe, they don’t apologize, they’re honest and disagreeable, and if you’re not spoken, you’re irrelevant, so I think it leads to a great conversation.” For Keys, fans. The involvement of, especially as an actor, makes the show much more attractive, even if it puts the cast in a more vulnerable position to be criticized. “As actors, we need to understand that we are playing a character,” he says. “We have life, credibility, and passion. [these] It’s the most important person that provides these fans with a remarkable character. ”

Curious people may be wondering if a familiar face will appear in the new spin-off series, but Sikora is the only close-knit with “Power” that Tommy needs to see. Guarantee a relationship. “I think that’s why they call it the” power “universe. To be honest, I see Tommy, so I don’t necessarily have to look at the old face of the “Power” show. Tommy is that connective tissue. “Power” has really changed. This love affair between the brothers between Tommy and Ghost, and the relationship has undergone a dynamic change .. .. So now its true evolution is wherever Tommy goes, “power” with him to go. But can Tommy really escape New York? If so, when and how will he be taken to the city of Chicago? Our departure is not as big as we think. “

“I think we will have the best spin-off.”

Just as “Power” continues to follow Tommy in his new chapter, so does the character name of Sikora he’s on the go. At this point, Sikola said, “I’m used to it, [and] I wear it as a badge of honor. That alone tells us how powerful the “power” universe has grown. “PowerBook IV: The Force” already has a lot of expectations around it, but the cast “I think we’ll have the best spin-off,” declares Lili Simmons, who plays Claudia “Cloud” Flynn. .. “I think fans will go. To get what they want and then get some.”

“PowerBook IV: Force” will premiere at Stars on Sunday, February 6th at 9:15 pm EST.

Powerbook IV Cast: The Power of Tommy Spin-offs

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