Prehistoric drums are the top of ancient discoveries: The British Museum

The 5000-year-old drum, carved in chalk, will be exhibited for the first time at a major exhibition on the Neolithic ruins of Stonehenge.

According to the British Museum, the carved stone drums excavated in Britain are one of the most important works of prehistoric art ever discovered in Britain.

The 5000-year-old drum, carved in chalk, will be on display for the first time at Stonehenge’s Neolithic sites and major exhibitions on those sites. Historical background..

Extensive research on drums found near a village in Yorkshire in northern England in 2015 confirms that drums are one of the most important ancient objects ever discovered in the British Isles. I did. Museum Said.

“This is a truly remarkable discovery and the most important prehistoric art found in the UK over the last 100 years,” said Neil Wilkin, curator of the exhibition “The World of Stonehenge” on February 17th. I am.

Drums are “one of the most elaborately decorated objects of this era found everywhere in Britain and Ireland,” and the style reflects the style of objects in Stonehenge and related sites, the museum said. increase.

Drums, which appear to have been created as sculptures or amulets rather than functional instruments, are one of four known examples.

Hand in hand, hand in hand, found next to the tombs of three children buried nearby. The drum was placed directly above the eldest daughter’s head, with a chalk ball and a pin of polished bone.

The drum was found about 240 miles (380 kilometers) from Stonehenge near the village of Burton Agnes.

Similar balls and pins were found in and near Stonehenge.

This is what the British and Irish communities sayArtistic styleAnd perhaps a belief, over an amazing distance, “said the British Museum.

“Analysis of the sculpture helps to decipher the symbolism and beliefs of the era when Stonehenge was built,” Wilkin said.

The British Museum’s collection includes a group of three similar drums found in an only child’s burial ground in 1889, about 15 miles (24 km) from the latest discoveries.

The museum describes these three, known as folkton drums, as “some of the most famous and mysterious ancient objects ever excavated in Britain.”

Radiocarbon dating revealed that it was created between 3005 and 2890 BC at the same time as the first stage of the construction of Stonehenge.

The British Museum displaying the oldest map of the stars in the world

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Prehistoric drums are the top of ancient discoveries: The British Museum

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