President Biden Nominates Black Women to Supreme Court

Roommates, when people are trying to catch Of President Joe Biden Attention, you know they are going to use social media to hear their voice. “Black women” are trending today after Judge Stephen Breyer announces plans to retire, as people ask President Joe Biden online to keep his promise to appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court. ..

Judge Breyer left the High Court 20 years later, and it is expected that President Biden’s successor will be a young, liberal companion who will be able to serve in court for years to come. Recalling that, in the course of the campaign, President Biden vowed to send a black woman to the High Court. A list of potential candidates is currently circulating in Washington before the public knows about Judge Breyer’s retirement plans. CNN Report. Now all eyes are looking at potential candidates.

Candidates on the list include DC Circuit Judge Ketangi Brown Jackson, California Supreme Court Judge Leondra Kruger, and South Carolina US District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs. As the conversation continued, US House of Representatives Cori Bush tweeted that “black women have been nominated for the Supreme Court in the past.”

President Biden’s choice is unclear, but White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters on this topic at today’s press conference. President Biden “expressed and repeated his commitment to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court, and certainly supports it,” Jen said. At that time, she did not provide any additional details or statements about the news of Breyer’s retirement. Roommate, are you ready to see a black woman sitting in the Supreme Court?

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President Biden Nominates Black Women to Supreme Court

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