Prince Harry talks about Better Up Inner Work Day burnout syndrome

Like many of us in the last two years, Prince Harry has also experienced burnout.and Candid conversations surrounding mental healthThe Duke spoke openly about his experience Burnout Syndrome I made him think about all areas of self-care.

During BetterUp’s first “Inner Work Day”, the Duke of Sussex (Who is the company’s chief impact officer?) CEO Alexi Robichaux and athlete and entrepreneur Serena Williams joined in to talk about the concept of inner work.

The talk began with Robishaw explaining the purpose of Better Up’s Inner Work Day. “He admits. “I forgot to invest in my energy. I forgot to invest in setting boundaries. I forgot to invest in my well-being.” Robishaw then talked to Harry. Introduced and called him one of the “most noisy and brave defenders of mental health in the world.”

Harry opened by celebrating Robishaw’s honesty, but note that he recognizes that this inner work requires time and privilege. “The complexity of work” gets in the way, and “every element of our lives gets busier,” says Harry. What’s more, he recognizes “the attention economy where social media, media, and everything else draws you in different directions of all kinds.” He admits that all this can make internal work seem impossible. But Harry goes on to explain. As he experienced first hand, if you don’t have the time, you probably need to do the following: make time.

“I, like you, Alexi experienced burnout,” Harry admits. “And during that burnout, literally everything I had, reaching the end of the fuel and steam in the engine, I was burning candles at both ends. Then it’s like a’boom’. felt. Or It was when I was forced to look inside myself. Everything else around you seems to be working against you, so the only way to actually fight it and build the resilience of the outside world across the environment is your inner work. Once you start understanding how and why you react to specific people and specific situations, you will actually be in control of those situations. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen. It just means that your reaction to them is under your control. ”

The candid 35-minute conversation touched on many other important topics for Williams and Harry, including mental fitness, meditation, bounces from setbacks, and mental health coaches. Watch Prince Harry’s clip during the conversation above.

Prince Harry talks about Better Up Inner Work Day burnout syndrome

Source link Prince Harry talks about Better Up Inner Work Day burnout syndrome

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