PrizePicks talks about “in-game playability” and what stands out from other DFS fields

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SBC Americas PrizePicks CEO Adam Wechsler This week we’ll discuss the company’s approach to the start of the NBA season and the signing of an exclusive brand partnership with the NBA YouTube star. Kenny “KOT4Q” Bee Cham Create custom PrizePicks content.

For readers who are not very familiar with PrizePicks, please give us an overview of the company.

PrizePicks is the most fun, fast and simple daily fantasy sport that covers a variety of sports leagues, from the NFL and NBA to League of Legends and Counter-Strike. PrizePicks allows sports fans to play against numbers instead of each other, with a focus on over / under-predicting single-player fantasy predictions.

PrizePicks is currently the closest legal alternative to legal mobile sports betting in most of the United States, including the top 10 markets such as Georgia, Florida and Texas. With an existing digital footprint that covers more than two-thirds of the US population, PrizePicks is the most accessible type of game for the masses.

What sets PrizePicks’ NBADFS products apart from other disciplines?

The sweat strength of both full-game and in-game, and our creative products. Throughout the game, we offer props and fun promotions that no one else offers and always mix them. For example, when Ben Simmons was experiencing a drop in production during the playoffs last year, we offered a catered food promotion with his points and free throws. This keeps fans interested even when a particular player sees the slide in the area of ​​output.

A unique advantage we have is in-game playability. Many operators offer the best service around 7pm at the beginning of the night, but we try to provide comprehensive service within the last game of the night and the game itself. Offering both late and fourth quarter lines to almost every major player in these games, you can work out the action of Damian Lillard or De’Aaron Fox entering the final stages of the game. This is a great way to end the night when your entry wins in the last few belongings of a close quarters battle.

What does the recent brand partnership with NBA YouTube star Kenny “KOT4Q” Beecham bring to the product?

Kenny’s YouTube stardom was born out of the NBA’s focus. He gives it a pizza-like feel, and his content is very different from many affiliates, and in contrast to DFS-minded people, it’s a basketball die-hard.

Kenny is obsessed with the NBA 2K scene / TikTok, and his content resonates with the younger customers who are the group trying to address here at PrizePicks. People in this group love basketball and believe they are likely to be instantly satisfied with what the single-player fantasy category is. Our products are simple and fast to play, and mobile apps are as sophisticated as they come.

PrizePicks talks about “in-game playability” and what stands out from other DFS fields

Source link PrizePicks talks about “in-game playability” and what stands out from other DFS fields

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