Promote Affordable Housing in Collier County


Collier County officials will meet at a Wednesday morning meeting to come up with ways to build affordable homes for teachers, nurses, firefighters and civil servants.

They are considering bringing hundreds of new units into the area. There is no doubt that finding affordable homes these days is a challenge. People working in Collier County often commute for more than 30 minutes each way to get to work because of the high cost of housing. Many say rents have risen by nearly $ 600. According to Collier County authorities, costs are skyrocketing because the county deals with demand rather than supply.

Other counties are trying to build more apartments to give families more choice. The Collier County Planning Commission’s 9am meeting will discuss a new project to add 300 apartments or homeowners. A spokesperson for Collier County states that about 60 of these units will be reserved for households with incomes below the median of the region.

In some parts of Naples, one-bedroom apartments cost more than $ 2,000 per month. Average rents for these affordable one-bedroom apartments range from $ 1,400 to $ 1,700.

Promote Affordable Housing in Collier County

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