Protest against the Faroe Islands slaughtering 1,400 dolphins a day

Traditionally, the Faroe Islands hunt pilot whales instead of dolphins.

The Faroe Islands government, a Danish dominion, protested on Tuesday over killing more than 1,400 Pacific white-sided dolphins a day in what is said to be the largest hunt in the northern archipelago.

“Faroe whale hunting is undoubtedly a dramatic sight for those unfamiliar with mammal hunting and slaughter,” a government spokesman told AFP.

“Nevertheless, hunting is well organized and fully regulated,” he said.

Traditionally, the North Atlantic islands, with a population of about 50,000, hunt pilot whales instead of dolphins.

“Usually there are a few people in’Grind’, but not so many,” said local TV journalist Haruru Av Lana.

“Grindadrap” is the practice of hunters first surrounding baleen whales with wide semi-circular fishing boats, then driving baleen whales into the bay, hitting the beach and slaughtering them.

“It looked very extreme and it took me a while to kill them all, but it’s usually pretty fast,” said avRana.

Pictures showing the bloody corpses of more than 1,000 Atlantic white-sided dolphins on the beach caused anger Social media..

According to av Rana IslandsThe population is against “grinding” and there are no plans to abolish the practice. Authorities claim it is a sustainable hunting method.

Sea Shepherd, a charity that opposes the hunting of baleen and dolphins, described it as a “barbaric practice.”

According to local estimates, there are about 100,000 pilots Baleen whale Last year, about 600 people died in the waters around the Faroe Islands.

Up to 50 pilot whales killed in the Faroe Islands: activists

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Protest against the Faroe Islands slaughtering 1,400 dolphins a day

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