Puerto Rico Gaming Commission grants three new casino licenses

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The Game Committee Three new casino licenses have been granted to three hotels on the island from Puerto Rico: Aloft, Hampton InnWhen Marriott’s Tribute PortfolioAll in the south.

The main goal is to promote tourism in the Ponse region through the development of this entertainment activity, which creates 500 new jobs. One of the main benefits of granting these licenses is the financial incentives casinos bring to the region.

Only Aloft Hotel has already confirmed a $ 42 million investment to develop a gambling hall, but the other two casinos are still under construction and have not told us how much money to allocate to the casinos. Hmm.

Given the opening of the Super Bowl sports betting market in Puerto Rico earlier this month, this activity is expected to be part of the casino offering.

Orlando Rivera Carion, The Director of the Game Committee said: “The opening of these casinos will be an important step in the development of Ponse’s economy and tourism. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this area in our role as a betting regulator.”

“The activities of our government-regulated and controlled casinos have a major impact on society as they create jobs, strengthen local businesses that provide goods and services, contribute to economic progress and tax collection. I’ll give you, “he added.

The Commission also emphasized that strict regulation and supervision “give confidence to investors and players.”

Rivera CarriĆ³n has ensured that the private sector believes in Puerto Rico’s tourism and entertainment industry recovery plans. The director reported that the new casino will generate $ 72 million in 10 years. He said, “Profit is distributed, the government receives 51% and the casino maintains 49%.”

Puerto Rico Gaming Commission grants three new casino licenses

Source link Puerto Rico Gaming Commission grants three new casino licenses

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