Queen Latifah responds to Chris Noth’s claim

Queen Latifah Responding to Allegations of sexual assault against her Equalizer Co-star Chris Noth..51 year old star on monday Expressed her support for five women The person who came out before in an exclusive interview with Man.. “It’s still surreal. It’s a very dangerous and delicate situation and requires a lot of respect. It’s a personal thing he has to deal with,” Latifah tells the outlet. “And my feeling is that justice needs to win. I just want to do the right thing, do you know?”

EqualizerThe January 2nd episode, shot before the allegations, marks Noth’s final appearance in the CBS crime drama. According to Latifah, there is still talk about the best way to handle the permanent exit of North character William Bishop. “We’re thinking about what we want to be creative with the show and how to deal with that character,” she continues. “Chris’s character was clearly a big part of the show and it was a great chemistry.”

Latifah’s reaction is North Sex and the City Rebooting the series, And just like that..

Queen Latifah responds to Chris Noth’s claim

Source link Queen Latifah responds to Chris Noth’s claim

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