Queens spout each other and cast talk show lessons

Queens Star Eve (Briana aka Professor Sex), Nadine Velazquez (Valeria aka Butter Pecan), Naturi Naughton (Jill aka Dasril), Brandy (Naomi aka Express Lyrics) are real-life companions and very healthy! At their ABC show, which premiered Tuesday night, the woman plays four best friends. Reunited 90’s rap group Nasty B * tches When they were in their 40s.Appearing scenery On Thursday, the women gushed straight about each other for virtually five minutes. “It’s great to be able to do this show with Brandy. She’s great and I’ve always been a big fan,” Brandy replied.

Once 2000s girl group 3LW, The experience of changing from a teenage R & B singer to a “woman who can share the screen with icons” was called “surreal”. She gently added, “My dream has really come true.”During that time, Velázquez never sang, rapped, or danced until he starred. Queens.. Eve shouted, “She’s great,” and Brandy added, “She kills it!”, As her co-star thanked her for all the “support” and encouragement she gave her. In the end, all the women held hands, as Velázquez said, “We are a show!”

Whoopi Goldberg asked the woman if there were any lessons the kids wanted to take away Queens And they all agreed that the show wanted to teach children the importance of chasing your dreams “no matter what.”Norton said scenery Audience she always tells her 4-year-old daughter Zuri: “You can really dream. Just go for it, go hard and work.” She said, “Then Woopy. You can be here with Sarah. ” Watch the full interview in the video above.

Queens spout each other and cast talk show lessons

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