Quinta Brunson talks about the impact and future of Abbott Elementary

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Previous Quinta Branson A sensation on the internet, she was a young woman from West Philadelphia, planning an ambitious future with comedy and television. Today, the creators of multi-hyphens have found a great way to integrate the two passions.

“I put a lot of my mother’s real experience into this show and modified them a bit.”

Abbott ElementaryBranson’s popular inventor is the culmination of her experience within the Philadelphia Public School System. The new ABC series brings the story of its eccentric character to life in a mockumentary-style workplace comedy. Named after one of Branson’s favorite teachers grew up, the show was heavily influenced by Branson’s mother, who had been an elementary school teacher for 40 years, and some of her direct explanations. Uses to highlight the challenges teachers face in public schools. “I took a lot of her mother’s real-life experience into this show and modified them a bit,” Branson tells POPSUGAR exclusively. “I think much of it is based on what I’ve seen in my mother’s many years of education, and then I’ve taken in a lot of more modern ones.”

Abbott Elementary Star Branson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, Crispel Fetti, William Stanford Davis. The series, which hasn’t been aired in four episodes so far, quickly became one of the hottest shows of the year, becoming a weekly trend on Twitter. Perfect rating of Rotten Tomatoes..

Charm Abbott Elementary Many viewers are practicing the brilliant adoption of the mockumentary format that they fell in love with. office.. Fans aren’t too shy to compare Branson’s show to an Emmy-winning classic.The most general overview Branson has ever seen Abbott Elementary The viewer said, “What the hell is this? office, But with blacks. From Ava Coleman (played by James), a ridiculously humorous principal who resembles Steve Carell’s Michael ScottAlmost exactly duplicated, slowly burning workplace romance brewed between Janine Teags (Branson) and Gregory Eddie (Williams) Jim and Pam’s, Abbott Elementary There is a clear trace of its predecessor in DNA. And Branson welcomes the comparison with his arms outstretched.

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“These comparisons almost always feel out of love,” she says. “They are a sincere comparison. office .. .. .. First of all, it was one of the biggest shows on TV, so it makes sense to compare it. I don’t think there were so many mockumentary shows. in America, office, Parks and recreation, Modern family, What we are doing in the shadows, And it’s like that. As Branson points out, office Sitcom’s mockumentary genre was certainly completed, but it didn’t produce a format. now, Abbott Elementary Came and brought a fresh perspective to the unique comedy style. There are stories on the screen that are rarely seen.

“The comparison makes perfect sense, but by the end of the season, it will be determined that what Abbott sees is unreachable anywhere else.”

Branson is confident that viewers will soon be able to recognize the show themselves. “The comparison makes perfect sense, but I believe that by the end of the season, what you’re looking at will be determined. AbbottI can’t go anywhere else, “she declares.

Branson has her series on POPSUGAR Originally marketed as an anime series.. “She was on another project, so she couldn’t take part in the live-action film, or she couldn’t take the time to create the live-action film,” she explains. “The idea as a cartoon takes time to develop and animate, and it will take some time before it comes out. But as time goes on, Abbott Elementary Now that I’m back on the front lines, it makes sense to do it as a live-action film, and I’m very happy to do so. ”

The live-action series certainly paid off for Branson and his ensemble cast. It’s another genius element of the show: the cast has chemistry that feels as intended. According to Branson, who calls them all “outstanding actors,” each one naturally played their part.

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Williams was the first cast in the series. It was almost guaranteed to play Gregory (a substitute teacher aiming for the principal position). “I thought awesome, Tyler was the best fit for this, and I realized I was writing with Tyler in mind anyway,” Branson reveals. “So I hit him and told him, hey, I have this show I’m making, and I think you’re really good for this role. I explain it a bit to him And he was basically “I’m down.”

From there, “everyone else knocked it out of the park,” making the cast of the series much easier. Branson says Walter and Perfetti are crazy, calling Davis a “great actor” and James having the “it” element most of her character needs.She also believed in Lee Ralph with whom she worked Black Lady Sketch Show — You can bring that great essence to her character, Barbara Howard. Abbott veteran. So by the end of the casting process, she had everyone she needed for her show to be successful.

“For me, I couldn’t think of many workplace sitcoms with black leads.”

Some people can claim that part Abbott Elementary Early success Insecure Five season runAnd Black-led TV show New Wave (Grand crew, Naomi, King of napa, Etc.) have arrived since.Viewers accepted in the short time the show aired Abbott Elementary As another series that provides a refreshing perspective of everyday life from a black perspective.

“That’s an absolute part of what I was trying to do,” says Branson. “I really enjoy all these sitcoms where characters live their daily lives, especially at work sitcom … and for me I can’t think of many workplace sitcoms with black leads. It was. Most of these days in my hometown, most workplaces consisted mostly of blacks, so I wanted to reflect that .. I thought it was unique, so people did it. I’m happy to feel, feel, and enjoy this different version of Sitcom at work. “

Besides providing some coveted expression, Branson set out to ensure Abbott Elementary With hints of niche regional elements, you can have a universal appeal and add another layer of depth.As seen in Episode 4 “New Tech” Sneaking into Philadelphia’s slang is just one of the few clever nods the series makes to that locale. “There are lots of real Philadelphia references and references,” says Brunson. “In fact, some of them are so deep that you can’t get them unless you come from Philadelphia, and I think it gave our show more soul and heart, so it’s okay. I thought.”

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Both Philadelphia and public schools have a reputation for being difficult to survive. But Branson is on a mission to challenge those concepts. “I know how tough the place we live in, but we’re still laughing,” she points out. “We still have friends. We still have joy. We still enjoy playing with friends at work and school. That’s what I wanted to be special. think Abbott.. Here you have this school, and people may say, “Hey, this is sad. These people should be sad.” But it’s not. People are very resilient. People find joy. That’s what humans do. In this country, despite the difficulties of our living conditions, blacks are particularly good at finding joy, and I thought it was important to be able to show it. “

“In this country, despite the difficulties of our living conditions, blacks are particularly good at finding joy, and I thought it was important to be able to show it.”

For Branson Abbott Elementary Buzz sees a huge variety of audiences interacting with the show, including those who have known her work for years and those who have just become accustomed to it. She is currently working on other projects, such as a movie with Sony and another show she will soon star in, Abbott Elementary Branson’s main focus. She is determined to “make the best possible version of the show” for the coming season.

The future of sitcom comedy is certainly bright, and based on the huge reaction it received, Branson is confident that it has the ability to last as long as possible. “I like making this show and it’s fun to be with these people, so I want to be able to make this show for a long time,” she says. “I enjoy our crew, our writer’s room, [and] To be honest, it’s a partnership between WB and ABC. It’s really respectful and strong. And for all these reasons, I would like to continue this show and make sure to tell these stories with these teachers. So hopefully it can just continue. “

Abbott Elementary It will air on ABC on Tuesday at 9 pm EST.

Quinta Brunson talks about the impact and future of Abbott Elementary

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