Rachel Williams calls Anna’s invention “dangerous”

Rachel WilliamsThe relationship with Anna Delbay Netflixof “Inventing Anna” However, former Vanity Fair employees say the depiction is overwhelmingly fiction.Delbay was a notable in New York social circles Tricked some people to fund her lifestyle.. She was finally convicted of eight charges, some of which included theft and service theft. Among her victims was Williams, who was detained from $ 62,000 on his company’s credit card during his vacation to Morocco.Delbay was never convicted of his involvement with Williams, but a former Vanity Fair employee Regain her loss In her book, My Friend Anna, American Express protected her from accusations.

“Inventing Anna” depicts Katie Lowes’ painting of Williams as a powerless believer. “I was surprised when Netflix released a description of the character Rachel, my full name,” Williams said. Vanity Fair February 15 “I was worried [about the show]But no one thinks anyone will be reckless to the facts, especially if the character has my name on it. For me, it’s not about making a statement, it’s about complicating the truth in a dangerous way. “

A former Vanity Fair employee also said that, unlike her book, the series has not been confirmed. She said, “I think it’s worth investigating when half-truth is more dangerous than lying …. Moreover, it affected in real time. Criminal justice procedure“When I start saying’facts’or’fiction’, I feel like I’m losing my voice and being distracted,” she told the outlet.

insider Delbay reported that Netflix paid $ 320,000 for her right to life. She then paid some of the damages and fines from her conviction.A spokesman for the streaming service said New York Times“Payment was made to an escrow account monitored by the Victim Services Department of New York”, but no amount was specified.

While talking to Vanity Fair, Williams insisted, “The story benefits her. It’s a story designed to empathize with the character who lacks it.” “I think it’s wrong to promote the whole story and celebrate social, narcissistic, and proven criminals,” she added.

“Inventing Anna” is streamed on Netflix and is currently the most watched show on the network, reaching the top 10 list in the United States.

Rachel Williams calls Anna’s invention “dangerous”

Source link Rachel Williams calls Anna’s invention “dangerous”

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