Rachel Zegler responds to Ansel Elgort’s alleged assault

As West side story The press tour is nearing its end, and Rachel Zegler is discussing a previous allegation against her co-star Ansel Elgort.The actor who plays Tony was accused of sexual assault almost a year after being filmed in a remake, and Zegler, who plays Maria, didn’t talk directly about the issue until recently. Hollywood Reporter interview. “We made a movie two and a half years ago, and much has happened all over the world since then,” Zegler said. Say in the cover story..

A woman appears on Twitter in June 2020 Elgort accused of sexual assault in 2014, When she was 17 and he was 20. “I just want to heal and tell other girls who have experienced the same thing as me. You are not alone,” she said at the time.Elgort Denied the claim In a statement that is currently being deleted, he classifies his relationship with a female as “concise, legal, and fully consensus.” (The age of consent in New York where the incident occurred is 17 years old.)

“There were many awakenings.”

Elgort has not been edited West side storyHowever, he was significantly on the sidelines on subsequent press tours.And while the cast and crew didn’t comment on the controversy, Zegler seemed to hint at the allegations in a tweet. Share on the same day they surfaced.. “I was a little lost and a little disappointed tonight. I know some of you. That’s the world right now, but it’s necessary,” she said.of Hollywood Reporter, Zegler now said, “Many things have changed both publicly and privately. There have been many awakenings. I hope the people involved are okay, respectfully questioned and given the opportunity. I will answer for myself. “

Ariana Devose and Rita Moreno also shared their views in the cover story. “No one really knows what’s happening in their heads, only the people involved in the situation know what’s really happening,” says DeBose. “I think it was absolutely scary and wrong for everyone to agree with the matter,” Moreno added. “It’s not for me to make those decisions.”

Rachel Zegler responds to Ansel Elgort’s alleged assault

Source link Rachel Zegler responds to Ansel Elgort’s alleged assault

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