Radio FM App Review-The Charm of Smartphone Radio

Radio FM is one of the best services that allows you to experience the charm of old-fashioned transistors on your smartphone. The Radio FM app was first founded by A Sachdeva in 2013. Since its inception, online radio services have grown incredibly. Currently, the service claims to have over 50 million active customer segments on various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. The Radio FM app is also known for serving customers of different cultures and languages ​​with over 30,000 broadcasters worldwide.

Well, if these facts already want to know more about the app, stay with us until the end of the blog as we’ll talk about its features. Later, we will evaluate the app from different perspectives to see if the free FM radio app is noteworthy.

Radio FM features for Android and iOS

Download this FM radio app unleashes a huge world of entertainment for you. In addition, this blog describes some features to see if this best FM radio app is all you need.

Over 50,000 stations in 1.236 countries

The best FM radio app

The FM radio app for Android and iOS devices is aimed at a wide range of customers. With this best radio app for iPhone and Android, simply search for the country where you want to enjoy the content and the UI will be a candidate list to show you all the available options. Search for your favorite music once in Korean, English, Norwegian, Irish, Spanish, or any other language you like.

2. Start your day with your favorite channel

The best FM radio app

With automatic alarm function, this radio app for iOS and Android allows you to wake up with your favorite music, news, or songs. Free FM radio downloads allow you to change the traditional way of setting alarms to use cliché songs that may be annoying to some people.

3. You can save your favorite channels

The best FM radio app

You can easily add your favorite channels to your candidate list by marking your favorite channels with this free FM radio app. Use this feature as often as you like to quickly access them or show your favorite channels to others.

4. Add your favorite radio to your home screen

The best FM radio app

With additional features on the home screen, this FM Radio app for Android and iOS You can bookmark your favorite channels. With these shortcuts, you don’t have to find the app and search for channels every time you want to hear something good. Just bookmark and play the channel with just one click.

5. Channel discovery is easy

Radio FM for Android and iOS

You might think that if you have too many options, you should be able to easily access the specific channel you need. Fortunately, this FM radio app for iPhone and Android isn’t too difficult. You can find a channel even if you only know the frequency. What’s more, the best FM radio apps also support callsign channel search.

6. Enable auto-off to save phone battery

Radio FM for Android and iOS

You can enable the auto-off feature to ensure that the radio is turned off when you’re sleeping or when you want to get busy suddenly. The best radio apps for iPhone and Android will ask you to set a sleep timer to ensure this. Top free apps It will turn off automatically.

7. Large collection to tune

Radio FM for Android and iOS

With Radio FM for Android and iOS, you can listen to music, talk shows, news, sports news, podcasts and more. Radio apps for iOS and Android are hosted by thousands of broadcasters publishing content of different tastes and genres.

Future Radio FM App Updates

Over time, the Radio FM app has evolved to better serve its users. Some features that will be released in the near future are:

  • Include podcast
  • Multi-device support for Apple TV, Android TV, Alexa, Fire TV, etc.

The strengths and weaknesses of the best FM radio apps

There are some advantages and disadvantages to continuing to download the FM radio app. Let’s explain them one by one.

Advantages of Radio FM App

  • Free to install and use
  • It takes a few seconds to play the channel
  • Allow background execution
  • Accessing bookmarked channels takes a few seconds
  • The auto-on feature works fine
  • Do not drain the battery too much
  • Supports many international languages

Disadvantages of radio FM apps

  • Contains ads
  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • No service in some countries

Additional information on Radio FM for Android and iOS

Additional Information

MAD rating



This best radio app for iPhone has the ability to prove that it really deserves all the popularity that comes. The app has responded to the evolving demands of smartphone users while maintaining the touch of traditional radio. From allowing access to radio channels beyond border limits to allowing users to use them as alarms, free FM radio is a never-before-seen choice.

Well, these were our 2 cents for radio FM that we had to offer. Hopefully a review of this radio FM app helped make the decision. Well, if you’re a developer and you also own an app, Review the app MobileAppDaily experts receive feedback to help them grow. In addition, app reviews can help reach a wide range of MobileAppDaily users across many countries.

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Radio FM App Review-The Charm of Smartphone Radio

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