Raging Dion: What is Dion’s superpower?

Netflix “Raising Dion” Go back for that Second season In February, based on the trailer, it will be an action full of new allies and old enemies throwing 10-year-old Dion (Ja’Siah Young) into the loop.

Based on Dennis Liu’s 2015 comics and short films, Michael B. Jordan’s new-generation series, with the help of new BIONA trainer / mentor Tevin, gets the hang of his superpower while Continue to follow Dion. (Rome Flynn) and the Triangle of Justice consisted of his friends Esperanza (Sammi Haney) and Jonathan (Gavin Munn).

It’s been over two years since the show first premiered on Netflix. So it’s been a while since I saw Dion and his special powers in action. In Season 1, he was a normal eight-year-old kid trying to wrap his head in his newly discovered superhuman abilities, but by the end of it he eventually mastered his wide range of skills. To do. For those who have forgotten, a quick review of all the features of Dion.

What is Dion’s superpower in “Raising Dion”?

Dion gets his supernatural powers from his father, Marc Warren ((((Michael B. Jordan), Got himself after witnessing an aurora event in Iceland. When Dion’s abilities are first revealed in Season 1, he discovers that he has psychokinesis — allowing him to move things in his mind. This power is the main power he uses as a self-proclaimed “mind mover”, but it is also one of the more difficult powers he has to control. In addition to this, Dion can hide himself and teleport wherever he wants, but the power of the latter is unpredictable and often annoys him.

The latest power he has discovered is the ability to heal creatures, as seen in Episode 7 of Season 1. The show’s main villain, Pat (Jason Ritter) —also known as The Crooked Man — uses this particular power at the finale to help get rid of the evil beings who hijacked his life. It’s unclear if Dion will discover more power in the future, but more abilities only mean more villains after him.

Season 2 of “Raising Dion” will premiere on Tuesday, February 1st.

Raging Dion: What is Dion’s superpower?

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