Raiders-Cowboys Preview

Arlington, Texas (AP)

The Dallas Cowboys and Las Vegas Raiders win once in November and have another chance before the playoff push time, also known as December.

They are playing with each other at Thanksgiving.

So forget that for the first time on Thursday, Dallas receiver Amari Cooper played his previous team – a positive COVID-19 test and his vaccination status processed it. And interim coach Rich Visatch probably won’t spend a lot of time thinking about returning to where he left to join the Raiders three years ago.

The Cowboys, 7-3, who lead the NFC East, want to return home after an aggressive show, just as they did when they played against Atlanta a week and a half ago. Raiders (5-5) need to finish three consecutive defeats in AFC West’s No. 1 spot.


I don’t know the correct wording, but I do have the feeling that it’s enough. We have to win, “said Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr. “It’s a big game because it’s the next game, but it’s a great opportunity for us to get the road on track in a hostile environment with a really good soccer team.”

Dallas was 30 behind, with a loss of 30-16 against the double-digit Underdog Denver, before routing Falcons 43-3. The Cowboys are currently suffering a 19-9 defeat in Kansas City, and the NFL’s No. 1 attack did not record a touchdown in quarterback Dak Prescott and a running game sub-par show.

The expected return of left tackle Tyron Smith, who missed three games due to an ankle injury, could be a boost needed by the Cowboys.

“We were able to get this back in the second half of the season,” said Ezekiel Elliott, who shot the Chiefs again to his right knee, annoying him for weeks. “It’s time we start firing on all cylinders.”

Third down dollar drum

A common theme for the Raiders’ losing streak was poor play in the third down on both sides of the ball. In the last three weeks, Las Vegas was the last to be ranked in the NFL, with a third down conversion rate of 21.4% on attacks and 31st on defense, allowing 53.5%. The Raiders have failed their third down in a row of 14 attacks in the last two games between the first attempt at Kansas City and the last attempt at Cincinnati.

I put it all on me. Carr said the team was outscored 73-27 after losing to the Chiefs and Bengals. “If I’m good, we’re all good, so we won’t lose multiple scores later in the game.”

There is no Cooper

Acquired from the Raiders in the first round of 2018, the Cooper is Dallas’ most reliable receiver, but the NFL protocol requires unvaccinated players to be sent off for at least 10 days, so two games. I will miss it in a row. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones wasn’t happy about it while calling Cooper “one of the best characters ever.”

“It said it early,” Jones said on his radio show this week. “You check” I “at the soccer team door. It has nothing to do with the problem of masking, not masking, getting vaccinated, not getting vaccinated. The fact is that when you enter the changing room, it belongs to “us” and everyone is expected to lose his weight. “

BISACCIA Homecoming

Visatch, who took over when Jon Gruden resigned after an old email with racist, misogynistic, and homosexual comments surfaced, was the Cowboys’ second longest NFL tenure between 2013 and 2017. Spent. He also led a special team at that time. Visatcha’s longest stint was nine seasons (2002-10) in Tampa Bay.

In memory of Marcus Paul

Thanksgiving week was difficult for cowboys a year ago. Strength and Conditioning Coach Markus Paul collapsed in the waitroom and died a day later in the hospital about 24 hours before the Cowboys lost to Washington 41-16. Director Mike McCarthy led Paul’s discussion at a team meeting on Tuesday.

From my point of view, I want his legacy to be inherited. It’s important to all of us, “McCarthy said. “There are 84 players in the locker room, but last year there weren’t 40 players here. Obviously, I’m who he is and what he means to us. I was talking more with new players just to understand. “

Flag day

After making 14 false starts in the first nine games, Las Vegas was clean with an attack on Bengals, but when Josh Jacobs was flagged for unnecessary roughness after interception, the unit was the only one. A penalty was imposed. However, the defense had three important penalties that helped extend the drive leading to the Bengals score. This includes one to line up in the neutral zone and two personal fouls.

“It was a concentrated penalty, an adjustment penalty, and obviously a treasure trove of penalties,” said Visatcha. “We didn’t do a very good job.”

Raiders-Cowboys Preview

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