Rain in late October could dampen wildfires and help droughts, forecasters say

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According to the National Meteorological Service, forecasts that rain more than average in late October could help mitigate wildfires and alleviate drought conditions in Northern California.

The latest weather forecast later this month suggests more than normal rainfall in California, with heavy high-altitude snowfall in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Ranges. Atmospheric rivers could occur between October 21st and 27th, according to forecasters.

Increased humidity is expected to help calm and improve ongoing wildfire activity Drought situationSaid the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center.

The risk of heavy rainfall from southern Oregon to central California is moderate.

The outlook released Wednesday looks to the far future from a meteorological point of view, but the model has recently been consistent with this development. weather According to the forecast, the pattern of the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

“We are monitoring this and it looks like it could be higher than usual, but it destroys the Earth,” said David King, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Bay Area office in Monterey. There is nothing. ” King pointed out that October is usually not a very rainy month, so it won’t take long to lift above normal.

Climate scientist Daniel Swain tweeted on Tuesday that there were strong signs that a wet pattern could occur in about 10 days, recommending Twitter followers “look forward”.

Pattern changes follow a week of dry, windy conditions at high risk of wildfires throughout California.

We also follow the October outlook, which shows that California has equal potential for above-average, near-average, or below-average precipitation and temperature. The 8- to 12-day temperature outlook released Wednesday shows most of California, with a probability of normal or slightly lower than normal measurements.

Conditions will come as a welcome change after California was one of the few western states that endured the hottest summer of record in 2021.

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Rain in late October could dampen wildfires and help droughts, forecasters say

Source link Rain in late October could dampen wildfires and help droughts, forecasters say

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