Read a celebrity homage to Virgil Abloah

Celebrities mourn the death of fashion icons Virgil Abloh died at the age of 41 after two years of fighting cancer.. NS The pioneer family confirmed his death “We are overwhelmed by announcing the death of our beloved Virgil Abloh, our ardent father, husband, son, brother, and friend,” the family said. “He has survived by his beloved wife Shannon Abloh, children Low and Gray Abloh, sister Edwina Abloh, parents Nee and Eunice Abloh, and many dear friends and colleagues.” Further shared that Virgil has been personally fighting cardiovascular sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer since 2019. The statement continued. A path to increase equality between art and design. He often said, “Everything I do is for myself at the age of 17, and I deeply believe in the power of art to inspire future generations.”

Compliments from Virgil’s peers and friends continue to be poured in as their loved ones reflect the legacy of the designer who made history as the first black man to lead a luxury fashion house in France. “Virsil has completely changed the way I see street style and fashion.” Hailey Bieber I wrote in an emotional Instagram post. Gigi Hadid “His kindness and energetic generosity left a lasting impression on every life he touched. He made everyone see and feel special.” How a celebrity says See if you remember Virgil before.

Read a celebrity homage to Virgil Abloah

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