Reasons why software testing is important

Testing a software product is one of the most important stages in the development process. Ignorance of basic terms and concepts can complicate the work of a tester. We decided to collect the most common software testing questions to help those who are just starting their career or just interested in the IT field. Some of them relate to testing theory, others to practice, and others to documentation in testing.

There is a major discrepancy between how software development should be done and how it is actually done. Ideally: well-articulated requirements, complete and detailed specifications, intelligently thought-out design, and careful implementation of the software theoretically create the preconditions for an error-free, usable software product. But this is far from reality. Usually, most of the effort to create reliable software falls on the testing phase, where more or less successful attempts are made to obtain a new software product that correctly processes fairly simple input data. We recommend you this software testing company.

Reason 1. The tester checks whether the developed product performs the task.

Speaking about the messaging application, it is easy to guess that its main task is to give users the opportunity to exchange text messages, pictures, and make video calls. The quality of all these features is checked by the tester before the product goes to market and before it is installed by millions of users. 

Most messengers integrate with the user’s address book. The program recognizes contacts that have the same application installed and shows them in one list. The tester must make sure that the integration is done correctly, the contacts are not mixed up, and the phone numbers are correct. If the messenger allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi or mobile networks, the tester checks these functions as well.

Reason 2: Products evolve and new features may affect the quality of existing ones.

The tester checks whether the development of a new feature has affected existing ones. In professional language, this is called regression testing, but parents do not need to be told this.

Reason 3. What works in the hands of one person can break when used by millions of people. 

A common situation: an application was developed for a limited number of users, but it turned out to be in demand by millions. This happened with Viber, which entered the market at the end of 2010. Then no one guessed that in a few years he would go from an unknown messenger to a leading service for communication. Determine the maximum load that the application can withstand and warn the customer about the consequences of exceeding it – these are also the tasks of the tester.

Reason 4: Need to check compatibility with different devices, browsers and operating systems. 

We live in an era of the widest choice of technologies: phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, not to mention different browsers and operating systems. For example, Viber works on Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada platforms and computers running Windows, OS X and Linux. 

* How is the application installed in all browsers? 

* How does the interface look on screens with different resolutions? 

* Is it possible to install an application on a PC if its operating system is not supported by the developer? 

The customer will wait for answers from the tester to all these questions.

Reason 5. All users prefer quality products The most compelling reason of all five. 

A lot of money is spent on software development. Testing is designed to guarantee the delivery of the highest quality product to users, which will enable users to conveniently and quickly solve a certain problem, and help businesses make a profit. “Small” bugs can force users to stop using the product and turn them towards competitors.

Creating bug-free software is hard work. Therefore, it is always wise to insist on allocating the necessary time to ensure the proper quality of software testing. Violation of this condition leads to incomplete testing and, as a result, to an unreliable software product, while compliance with it gives good results. You can learn more about it here.


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