Record-breaking “rogue wave” found off the coast of Vancouver Island

Figure 1. Rogue waves recorded on November 17, 2020. The vertical dashed line indicates a wave group containing irregular waves. (A) Surface elevation ηη. (B) Surface elevation spectrogram using Morlet wavelets. Credit: DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-022-05671-4

Two researchers at the University of Victoria confirmed the observation of a record-breaking “rogue wave” off the coast of Vancouver Island two years ago.In their paper published in the journal Scientific ReportsJohannes Gemmrich and Leah Cicon describe data analyzed from buoys moored off Vancouver Island.

Irregular waves are a type of wave whose crest is disproportionately higher than the surrounding waves. Sometimes confused with a tsunami, a fraudulent wave is completely different. Tsunamis are generally produced by geological events such as earthquakes, although they are believed to be produced by the wind. Also, the fraudulent waves reach their height at sea, tsunami Not commonly seen until it encounters the land. In this new initiative, the research pair investigated data from one of the buoys located off Canada near Vancouver Island. Such buoys warn the ship of unusual sea conditions. The fraudulent wave under investigation was first observed in November 2020, shortly after its occurrence. In this new initiative, researchers scrutinized the data sent by the buoys to confirm their first findings.

They found that the buoy measured waves as high as 17.6 meters, while the waves around them averaged only 6 meters high. Recordings of such waves are expressed as a percentage of the height difference between the fraudulent wave and the surrounding waves.The ratio in this case is new record The biggest thing ever observed.

Marine scientists are trying to figure out how fraudulent waves begin, how they grow, and how long they can maintain their height. Understanding them is important. Illegal wave It tends to surprise the crew on board the ship. This means that you usually don’t have time to perform actions such as changing the bow of a ship and maneuvering directly into the waves. Without such information, large rogue waves could capsize the ship and put the crew in serious danger.

Owners say a rogue wave struck a sunken Hawaiian fishing vessel

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Johannes Gemmrich et al, Observed Extreme Rogue Wave Generation Mechanisms and Predictions, Scientific Reports (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-022-05671-4

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Record-breaking “rogue wave” found off the coast of Vancouver Island

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