Recycling robots can help solve the crisis of soft plastic waste

Professor Branka Vucetic, Dr. Wanchun Liu, Dr. Wanli Ouyang, Professor Yonghui Li and recycling robots.Credit: University of Sydney

Despite recent improvements in plastic recycling, landfills are becoming an increasingly problematic issue. Soft plastics such as plastic wrap and plastic bags are the main cause of the problem, with 94% landfilled in 2016-17.

There is a sufficient shortage of soft plastic recycling How to easily get caught in a waste sorting machine, leading to mechanical failure and contamination of other recyclable materials such as paper. Due to this problem, current recycling methods rely on manual sorting of soft plastics, which is often a repetitive and unsafe task.

Working with industry partners as part of a federal collaborative research center project grant, researchers at the University of Sydney’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Telecommunications Centers will increase the recycling of soft plastics by creating smarts. We are developing our own method. ,Automation Robot system Sort using robotics and AI Recyclable waste..

The team includes Professor Blanca Vucetic, Professor Yonghui Li, Associate Professor Wanli Ouyang, Dr. Wanchun Liu, and Senior Technical Officer Dawei Tan of the Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering.

“Recycling robot automation system artificial intelligence Learn how to identify different forms of recycled waste, effectively learn how to “see” and “classify” waste, create separate waste streams, and purify soft plastics for recycling. “Computer vision to maintain,” said Professor Blanca, an IoT expert. Vucetic.

“Soft plastics have contributed significantly to landfills and have long been a part of landfills. Circular economy Waste management department due to lack of proper and safe sorting methods. We have created a custom robot that solves this problem using the latest IoT technology, “says Professor Li Yonghui.

Recycling robots can help solve the crisis of soft plastic waste

Researchers at the University of Sydney are creating robots that sort soft plastics.Credit: University of Sydney

“Australia generated 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste, including soft plastics, between 2018 and 2019. Only 9% were sent for recycling and 84% were sent to landfills. We aim to significantly switch between these percentages by developing solutions that enable the softest. Plastic waste is recycled. “

Researchers are working with waste management companies IQRenew and CurbCycle, technology developers Licella, Mike Ritchie and Associates, and Resource Recovery Design to develop the system.

It will be integrated into IQ Renew’s material recovery facility as part of CurbCycle’s soft plastic recovery program. This is an Australian initiative to collect recyclable items at home and then put them in bags before putting them in the trash.

“Our project not only dumps household soft plastics in landfills, but also works with industry and research partners to create solutions for waste collection and separation from homes to the final market. We are also creating a sustainable supply chain to carry. “

“The robot identifies the” Curby Tagged “bag and plasticSeparates soft plastics from fully mixed and recyclables. “

After being separated from other waste, the soft plastic is highly recycled into petroleum and other valuable chemicals using the patented Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor Technology (Cat-HTR) developed by Resera Holdings. It is used for various purposes such as. Licella was founded by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer of the Faculty of Science and Dr. Len Humphreys, CEO of Licella, and has been supported by the University of Sydney for 14 years.

“This highly innovative material handling process extends the reach of Cat-HTR conversion technology and helps to include more and more difficult ones. Useless Stream emphasizes the benefits of close industrial and academic collaboration, “says Professor Maschmeyer.

New Zealand is investing in the growth of its domestic recycling industry to create jobs and reduce littering in landfills.

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Recycling robots can help solve the crisis of soft plastic waste

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