Redeem love Abigail Cowen on the difficult theme of the movie

Redeem love Is a story about power and, perhaps, as you might expect, redemption and love. A movie based on a book by Francin Rivers in the 1850s set is by no means simple. At the center of the story is the angel (Abigail Cowen), A prostitute living in a brothel chased by everyone in her town paradise — a farmer outside the town Michael (Tom Lewis), A person who sticks to his quest to marry her. This movie is watching unfiltered life as a sex worker of the era, managing abusive brothels, and allowing you to be loved no matter what you experience.Pop sugar spoke Redeem love Star Cowen, Lewis, Nina Dobrev (Previous), Eric Dane (Duke), and Famke Janssen (Dukes) About the emotional journey of their character.

Cowen’s personality is far from the suffering maiden, but she needed someone to challenge her perception of her power. “Her power was in the brothel. Her power was when she was with these men. It was when she felt most dominant. It felt she was the most powerful. It’s a place, but it was also the place where she was most helpless. “She says. Janssen’s personality seeks power as well as a female dominating other females while in the male-dominated industry under Duke’s jurisdiction. Duke “he felt untouchable,” says Dane. Janssen states that the Duchess “is trying to survive at a time when it is very difficult to survive.” She continues. “I think she probably did her best in that situation … I think there was a better way, but I think she did her best in that situation.”

“It’s one of those stories about how much pain and self-loathing and self-loathing, and how all these terrible experiences can still have power at the end of it. . “

The angel finally begins to rethink her definition of what it means to be empowered. “I think this shift will happen when she is with Michael … Michael will eventually give her this freedom .. .. he allows her to go and gives her a choice And give her free will, in which she finds her power, “explains Cowen. Lewis added, “Even though they live in this horrifying time when all these terrible things are happening, this teenage love they have with each other … they make each other through it. Find each other’s rocks, “adds.

Lewis continues. “It’s about how much pain and self-loathing and self-hatred, and how they can experience all these terrible experiences, yet have power and resilience at the end of it, and come out. One of the stories is the other side as a stronger person, [Angel] Dobreff also touched on the relentlessness of faith, adding: [It highlighted] What you have to experience to reach that ultimate love story. Dane adds. “There are overall themes of redemption, acceptance, love, and forgiveness. I will automatically take them away.”

Redeem love There are some scenes that are hard to see. Unfortunately, it’s also a movie that shows the reality of women throughout history in abusive situations. “I was very shocked by all that rawness and the story wasn’t shy at all. It showed good, bad, ugly, and I love it. “I did,” Cohen shares.

Dobreff’s personality conveyed intergenerational trauma after being in an abusive relationship. The same man who caused havoc in Mei’s life did the same for Angel. “”[The movie shows] Psychological effects that women may experience from traumatic experiences and abuse. .. ..Lessons to learn [is] No matter what happens, no matter how difficult it may be, it’s never too late to start over, “cohen added,” you are not your abuse. “

REDEEMING LOVE, Abigail Cowen, 2022.Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

The movie is set in the California Gold Rush era, but the theme is dateless. “These experiences are happening to women all over the world right now,” says Lewis. “I think,’Oh, there was such a brothel in the 1800s,’ but now there are many.” Redeem love It will be screened at the theater from Friday, January 21st.

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Redeem love Abigail Cowen on the difficult theme of the movie

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