Regé-Jean Page Narrates Netflix’s Surviving Paradise Doc

Everyone’s favorite Duke, Regé-Jean Page, I’ll be back in our lives this spring, but you won’t come to think. The page is being used by Netflix as a narrator for the new nature documentary “Surviving Paradise: Family Stories,” which airs in March this year. “Bridgerton“actor Will not come back for Second season In a romantic historical drama, his talent sees him appear as a documentary voice and educates viewers about climatic conditions and how to best preserve them.

According to the “Surviving Paradise” synopsis, the documentary explores the “Okavango Delta, a vast oasis isolated from the rest of the world by the relentless desert.” It is also a shelter built and maintained daily by the inhabitants. It may seem like a big cat reigns here, but in reality, the fate of all creatures, big and small, is intertwined. The film explores blueprints for building, sustainably managing and maintaining a perfect world — most importantly descendants of secret formulas, despite extreme droughts, hunger and floods. Is to put the spotlight on the people who pass on. They will find it more difficult than ever to keep Eden intact. “

“Surviving Paradise: Family Story” will land on Netflix on March 3rd.

Regé-Jean Page Narrates Netflix’s Surviving Paradise Doc

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