Rejected elections pushed up uncovered claims

The election proceedings, promoted by President Donald Trump and dismissed by the United States Supreme Court, were full of allegations that could not withstand basic scrutiny.

The High Court on Friday dismissed the complaint filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton, who directly attacked four other states won by President Joe Biden in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Despite widespread hope that jurists would fail, the proceedings still garnered the support of 18 Republican Attorney Generals and 126 Republican lawmakers, including House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy.

Together, Trump and his allies argued that the High Court should set aside votes in all four states and allow Republican-led legislatures to direct elections to the president. That would never have happened in American history.

“This is the end of democracy in the United States, not an exaggeration. It’s just a fact,” said Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Attorney General, if Texas wins before a court ruling.

The Supreme Court dismissed the proceedings without addressing most of the proceedings. This shows some of the claims made in the case and how those claims have already been revealed.


Proceedings allegations: Texas has the right to “require that all other states comply with constitutional rules when appointing presidential electors to the Electoral College.” If one state “violates federal law to influence the outcome of the presidential election,” another state will be harmed.

Fact: The Supreme Court has dismissed the proceedings on this matter. “There is no judicial interest in how other states hold elections,” Texas said in a simple order.

Legal experts said Texas had no say in how other states would hold elections and was not actually harmed, so they had no right to sue in the first place. And even if it had a legitimate case, it was too late, experts say.

Professor Lisa Marshall Mannheim of the University of Washington Law School said, “Texas does not have a federal court position to prove the voting rights of voters in other states, let alone undermine their rights. I’m not in a position. ” The Washington Post work.

Some Texas Republicans agreed. “I think the case itself is a dangerous violation of federalism and I think it set a precedent for one state to ask federal courts to crack down on voting procedures in other states,” US Congressman Chiproy tweeted.


Proceedings allegations: Four states claiming that Texas has “deprived the legislature of power and unconstitutionally amended its election laws.”

Fact: Trump and his allies have lost many cases, arguing that only the state legislature can modify election practices during the coronavirus pandemic. The proceedings revisit the arguments already dismissed by the guard courts of civil servants who acted under their respective state laws.

For example, the proceedings allege that Pennsylvania has “unconstitutionally abolished” the “statutory signature verification requirements.” However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously ruled in October that state law only clarifies that ballots require a voter’s signature, not a matching signature.

This year, some states that changed their voting practices without legislative action include Texas, which extended early voting by six days due to a pandemic.


Proceedings allegations: Given Trump’s lead in the four states “as of 3 am” in the morning after the election, Biden’s chances of winning all four were “less than a quarter trillion.”

Fact: What sounds like a statistically significant number is not based on pre-election expert predictions. Earlier counted face-to-face votes will favor Trump, and later counted mail votes will favor Biden.

For months, Democrats urged voters to submit later-counted mail votes, and Trump attacked the mail votes as fraudulent, even though he voted by mail in Florida. All Republican legislative leaders in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have resisted a petition from election authorities to update the law to allow faster counting.

The idea that Trump has a big initial lead is natural and does not prove that cheating or fraud has occurred.


Proceedings allegations: There is a “fact that there is not yet an independently verified rational explanation”.

Facts: Each of the “facts” listed has an independently validated description.

On October 1, a laptop and thumb drive were stolen from a warehouse in the city of Philadelphia. “I am confident that this case will never compromise the integrity of the election,” said a spokesman for the City Election Commission. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a local district attorney said a few days later police decided that the theft was unrelated to the election.

There was a temporary aggregation problem in Antrim County, near the Republican Party in Michigan, which included thousands of votes. But it wasn’t due to the voting machine. “There was no malice or fraud here. It was just a human error,” said County Secretary Cheryl Guy.

According to the Wisconsin Journal, Milwaukee’s chief election officer, Claire Woodall Vog, gave one flash drive in the absentee ballot count when delivering a batch of flash drives to the local election committee. I left it. Woodall-Vogg said she called a team member and police officers provided the final drive. Despite the proceedings, Woodall-Vogg said the drive was “never abandoned.”

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Rejected elections pushed up uncovered claims

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