Report: DevOps provides a faster release, but security remains a problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused teams on adopting DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, ML / AI, and cloud computing, resulting in 84% of developers releasing code faster than ever before. It states that it is doing.

This was one of the key findings from GitLab’s 5th Annual DevSecOps Survey, which asked 4,300 DevOps team members about last year’s practices and processes in February this year. Overall, 57% of respondents reported that the code was released twice as fast, up from 35% last year. 19% say the code will be released 10 times faster.

This efficiency is often Automation and ML / AI are integrated into the development cycle. Over half of the respondents said their development life cycle was fully or almost automated, but last year only 8% said it was a situation.

However, there are still some obstacles to achieving true DevSecOps, especially when it comes to security testing and security ownership.

Almost half of the respondents said they had a hard time thinking that security testing was done later in the process. Extract, process, and fix vulnerabilities.

About one-third said that tracking the status of bug fixes was difficult and only a few respondents found it difficult to prioritize repairs.

“Like last year, these results show a responsive approach to security in the development process, because we can find and address problems in tests that create bottlenecks early in development. It also demonstrates the importance of integrating DevSecOps into the development cycle, “writes the author of the DevSecOps study.

Organizations are gradually shifting their security testing initiatives to the left. 70% of the security professionals reporting the team have moved their security considerations early in development, compared to 65% last year.

Despite this progress, many respondents still struggle to determine who will handle security, as 28% of respondents said that everyone in the organization is responsible for security.

“The industry continues to integrate security into development, and organizations are beginning to improve overall security, but according to our research, a clearer depiction of responsibility and a clearer depiction of responsibility to shift security completely to the left. We need to adopt new tools, “said Vice President Jonathan Hunt. President of security at GitLab. “In the future, we look forward to finding more ways for security teams to have clear expectations of other members of the organization.”

Report: DevOps provides a faster release, but security remains a problem

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