Researchers Calculate Costs to Restore Australia’s Degraded Ecosystem

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The health and diversity of Australia’s ecosystems is declining. The environment is under increasing pressure from land reclamation, changes in the fire regime, and invasive species. Australia’s ecosystems are also very vulnerable to the effects of climate, where extreme temperatures and fires are expected to become more frequent and more serious.

Australia’s environmental laws and policies are unable to address these growing issues and lack sufficient funding for environmental management, endangered species protection and ecosystem restoration.

Targeted restoration of degraded Ecosystem It has great potential to alleviate these problems. A promising approach is the restoration of non-primary farmland to increase coverage of native plants. But how much does it cost to restore Australia’s degraded ecosystem in this way? And can it be achieved without food production?

In a treatise published in Applied Ecology JournalResearchers at the University of Queensland explain and spend money on routes to achieve 30% native vegetation coverage of nearly all (99.8%) of Australia’s degraded terrestrial ecosystems on marginal farmlands. increase.

Researchers estimate that the restoration will cost around A $ 2 billion annually (0.1% of GDP) over 30 years, or a net present value of $ 41 billion over the life of the project. This cost is offset by expected carbon revenues of A $ 12 billion to A $ 46 billion. This means under optimistic carbon. Pricing Scenarios that reflect current market forecasts are profitable on their own.

Cumulative carbon reduction is estimated at 913MtCO2e, annual reduction of 13 MtCO2It has been 10 years since the e-program started. This represents 16% of Australia’s nationally determined contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

“Incentive programs will bring cash into the hands of aspiring farmers and improve environmental outcomes,” said lead author Bonnie Mapin.

Leslie Hughes, founding council member of the Australian Climate Council and director of WWF Australia, said: We especially support work in rural and local communities. It benefits both sides. ”

Promote greening of old fields in Western Australia

For more information:
Bonnie Mappin et al, Costs and Benefits of Restoring Continental Land Ecosystems, Applied Ecology Journal (2021). DOI: 10.1111 / 1365-2664.14008

Quote: Researchers have obtained Australia’s degraded ecosystem on September 14, 2021 from (September 14, 2021). ) Calculate the cost to restore

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Researchers Calculate Costs to Restore Australia’s Degraded Ecosystem

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