Researchers discover ways to control the cells responsible for tissue regeneration

Figure 1: Mitochondrial maturation with time series age. Credit: DOI: 10.1038 / s41556-021-00837-0

Tissue stem cells regenerate tissue by remaining as stem cells or by producing daughter cells that differentiate into specialized cells such as enterocytes and skin cells. Certain stem cells have already sealed the fate of daughter cells at the time of division. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered how stem cells regulate the function of daughter cells in cell division.

When a stem cell transfers its older, more active mitochondria to a daughter cell, it loses its ability to self-regenerate and differentiates into cells that maintain tissue function. The other daughter cell, which receives young mitochondria, continues to live as a stem cell and retains its ability to repair tissue over and over again. Researchers have found that the old mitochondria inherited by differentiated daughter cells are superior in maintaining cellular respiration-based metabolism.

“When you switch on a gene that is central to cell function, it ultimately determines the identity of the cell, but metabolism seems to be the first determinant of the fate of the cell,” said the University of Helsinki, Institute of Life Sciences (HiLIFE). ), Associate Professor Pekka Katajisto said.

“When restricted Cellular respiration By reducing the amount of a single protein rich in old mitochondria Daughter cells In reality, it remained a self-replicating stem cell, “said Julia Govenius (nee Döhla), a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Helsinki.

This indicates that subtle differences in mitochondrial quality can affect the metabolism of the entire cell and ultimately the fate of the cells in the tissue.

“Self-renewal Stem cells It is surprisingly small and can be affected by changes in metabolism at the right time, “said Emily Akurbinen, research coordinator at the Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism. For example, it accelerates recovery from degenerative diseases and tissue damage.

Increasingly efficient production of human pluripotent stem cells

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Julia Döhlaetal, Mitochondrial Selective Inheritance Determines Cell Fate Metabolism, Nature cell biology (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41556-021-00837-0

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Researchers discover ways to control the cells responsible for tissue regeneration

Source link Researchers discover ways to control the cells responsible for tissue regeneration

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