Researchers say tuberculosis programs should focus more on young people

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Young people are terribly ill with tuberculosis and are at risk of spreading tuberculosis. Therefore, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, among others, have mapped key factors that influence treatment outcomes for patients aged 10 to 24 years with tuberculosis in Brazil, where tuberculosis is increasing. To address the global tuberculosis epidemic, researchers say the tuberculosis program needs to focus more on this age group.The study is published at Lancet Global Health..

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, tuberculosis (TB) was the leading cause of death from a single infectious pathogen worldwide. It is a disease that affects people who are socially and economically vulnerable.Estimated 1.8 million Young people It develops tuberculosis each year and accounts for 17 percent of all new cases worldwide.

“Youth experience a significant burden of tuberculosis, which can also affect the spread of the disease, but this age group is often ignored in tuberculosis programs,” NHS (National Health Services), UK, said. I undertook this study at the Karolinska Institute as part of her master’s thesis. “They tend to have wide social networks at work, school, family and friends, which can contribute to the active transmission of tuberculosis in the community. It is a disadvantage to combat the global TB epidemic. There is a need for a better understanding of the factors involved in the treatment. Outcomes for young people. “

She was part of an international research group that published a national cohort study of more than 40,000 young people (ages 10-24) with tuberculosis in Brazil, where the incidence of tuberculosis is rising. The aim was to assess the key health and social factors associated with adverse treatment outcomes and the role of social protection strategies in this age group.

“Almost one-fifth of the study subjects have experienced unfavorable treatment results behind the World Health Organization’s (WHO) TB eradication strategy,” said an assistant professor at the WHO Center for Tuberculosis and Social Medicine. Christie Sydney Anelstedt said. Karolinska Institute, Faculty of Global Public Health. “This shows that young people need to pay more attention to national and international TB programs.”

A disproportionate number of young people with tuberculosis were detained in prisons or youth detention centers. More than half were less educated than their classmates. Race also influenced treatment outcomes, with factors such as poverty, HIV, homelessness, and substance use associated with adverse outcomes.

There was disparity in treatment support received by young people, with about half receiving proper tuberculosis treatment supervision and one-third receiving full contact tracing. A few young people enrolled in government cash transfers, including Programa Bolsa Família, were less likely to experience adverse consequences.

“As far as we know, this study is the first nationally representative analysis of the characteristics of tuberculosis patients in Brazil. Previously, health and Social factors This may be related to the unfavorable outcomes of this sometimes underserved group, “said Tom Wingfield, a researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Karolinska Institute in the United Kingdom. increase.

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Chenciner, L. et al, Social and health factors associated with adverse treatment outcomes in adolescents and young adults with tuberculosis in Brazil: National Retrospective Cohort Study, Lancet Global Health (2021).

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Researchers say tuberculosis programs should focus more on young people

Source link Researchers say tuberculosis programs should focus more on young people

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