Researchers use the hair cortisol test to measure family stress levels during COVID-19

Hair cortisol extraction.Credit: NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) researchers use the hair cortisol test in collaboration with Global TIES for Children and researchers at the University of California, Davis (Paul Hastings and Lindsey Partington) and the Hashemite University in Jordan (Rana Dajani). And detected. Effect of COVID-19 on family stress levels.

This paper, entitled “Jordan’s Family Adrenal Cortex and Psychosocial Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic,” used samples from the maternal cortisol test. Children Obtained in 2019 for a previous study and compared with the cortisol test conducted in June 2020. family life We predicted high levels of cortisol in children’s hair, reflecting the cumulative stress experienced during the first three months of the pandemic.

This paper then uses these results to analyze the effect of COVID-19 on the family as a result of a pandemic. family Adversity predicted a deterioration in the mental health of children and mothers in December 2020.

NYUAD Antje von Suchodoletz, an assistant professor of psychology who led the study, said: – When Middle income country It is essential to understand (LMIC), during the pandemic, their coordination, and the factors that contributed to the coordination of their parents. “

Von Schodlets commented on the need to address these mental health challenges, saying:Importance of developing programs to address the daily needs of LMIC families, especially a small number of families, during periods of acute and long-term crisis Economic resources Use. “

The study concluded that without effectively coordinated support to support the needs of endangered families, the physiological and psychological adverse effects of COVID-19 would occur. Pandemic It can have long-term implications for children’s future learning and prosperity abilities. In this context, investment in improvement efforts costs less than the future costs incurred by the loss of a healthy and productive generation.

Paper is part of Special section About the influence of COVID-19 Pediatric development Accepted all over the world Pediatric development, A major journal of developmental psychology.

Toddlers may be at increased risk of long-term adverse effects from COVID-19

Quote: Researchers are COVID-19 (2021, September 6) obtained from on September 6, 2021. Use the Hair Cortisol Test to Measure Stress Levels in Family-.html

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Researchers use the hair cortisol test to measure family stress levels during COVID-19

Source link Researchers use the hair cortisol test to measure family stress levels during COVID-19

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