Resident Evil Interview with Tamara Smart and Siena Agdon

Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong play very intimate and very complex teenage sisters Jade and Billy. Netflix’s new “Resident Evil” series.. Despite the credible nature of their relationship, the pair tells POPSUGAR that they faced some major hurdles when it comes to portraying their siblings. In fact, they didn’t actually meet until the day before the shoot.

“We didn’t do a screen test. We literally met the day before we got into the set,” says Smart. “We met in the pool, and we just talked for hours.” When she turned to Agdon, she said, “Remember what we were talking about? I have nothing. I don’t remember, so really. “

“I don’t, but I remember leaving, and I was like,” Oh, I know a lot now, “Agdon says with a laugh. “No one really knows how to start that conversation. You sit down and you’re like,” Oh, this will be my sister for the next few months. ” ”

“What do you say? Like” hello “,” says Smart.

In reality, Smart and Agdon are “very different,” the latter says. “And we come from completely different cultures, but I think we make those differences to our personality.” Agdon grew up in Wailua in Hawaiian, but Smart in English in London. I grew up. “You can see that balance and clash at the same time, but it plays off each other, and Bunter thinks a lot of it was real,” Agdon explains.

It may have helped both actors to have sisters. “We are both the youngest,” explains Agdon. “So it was fun to play twins, because there are moments when we play or take on the role of sister or brother at the show.”

Their characters, Jade and Billy, are teenage daughters of Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick). Fans of “Resident Evil” will already know the name, but if not, he’s a franchise villain who works for the sinister Umbrella Corporation. His daughters are brand new characters created for the show. In Episode 1, they move to New Raccoon City, which is run by a South African umbrella. Neither is satisfied.

In real life, the two were more excited about South Africa, exploring South Africa together and building their up-and-coming friendships. “Our relationship has definitely evolved in the last few months, and I think we can definitely see it on the screen,” says Agdon. They stayed on a safari and fell asleep during an early morning tour. Another night, when they were hanging out on the street after having dinner, they met an animal.

“”[There] It was this big thing that came to us. I thought it was a big dog, “said Agdon. And in retrospect, it’s a baboon in a small courtyard. “

“Siena goes,’don’t run,'” Smart remembers. “So I was standing behind Siena, and I just started walking really slowly.” “I also think we worked really quickly. It was really lucky.” Smart adds.

Both Smart and Agdon couldn’t fully admire the on-screen dad, Redick — not only for the work he did in the series, but also for what he taught them about acting. “It was really fun not only to see him play such a tough and layered character, but also to try to be a compassionate dad,” says Agdon. Smart says his performance was like watching two people, a kind and caring father and a ruthless and brutal scientist.

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She says Reddick on the set was “very paternal” and showed them a lot about how the actor should work. “He is also the one who speaks when he feels something is wrong ….. he knows his personality so well that he knows not to say anything. Or he wouldn’t behave that way, “explains Agdon. “When you ask him, he feels like he knows certain things Albert Wesker won’t eat. To be honest, he’s gone that far.”

As young actors, they don’t always feel it’s okay to take notes about characterization, but Reddick empowered them to feel their voice was important. “It was very exciting to see a veteran actor take a long time to write down notes, become a character, and jump into every scene like the last take,” Agdon added. Smart describes Redick’s dedication to the character: [in real life].. “

“Everyone literally put their blood, sweat, and tears into it.”

Both girls make a very emotional journey in the process of the series. Agdon says her emotional depth attracted her to that role. “It scared me very much as an actor,” she admits. Agdon says he is often nervous about portraying some of Billy’s big emotional moments, especially her anxiety. “It just taught me to let go,” she says.

Smart says one of the nice things about playing a brand new character is that you can add your own work to Jade. “There’s one tragic moment for Jade, which was a couple of days because we shot it in about three days,” she says. “I cried for only three days in a row and it was really exhausting, but it was very rewarding to look back on it.”

“Everyone literally poured blood, sweat, and tears,” Agdon said of the series. “Everyone has a real performance, and in addition to all the gussets and everything else, what you see is real.”

“Resident Evil” is currently streamed on Netflix.

Resident Evil Interview with Tamara Smart and Siena Agdon

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